20 Times Our Pets Were Complete Jerks but Made Us Smile Anyway

4 years ago

Those of us who have pets know this simple truth: no matter how cute and innocent our furry friends may look, they can just as well be naughty from time to time. Be those cats, dogs, and even parrots all get us into trouble at least once in a lifetime. Tearing wallpaper, destroying furniture and flowers, and even terrorizing their siblings — these are just a few crimes that people are catching their pets doing on a daily basis.

Here at Bright Side we’ve found for you these 20 pics showing fluffy troublemakers caught in the act by their all-forgiving owners.

20. “He’s eating my sandwich while standing on the darn piece of bread I gave him.”

19. “So that’s why my kitchen floor is always wet.”

18. “He graciously allowed her a corner of her own bed.”

17. “Chester loves his sister! His sister clearly doesn’t feel the same...”

16. “Get a cat, they said. They provide emotional support, they said.”

15. “I heard my older lab crying and came out to find his little brother blocking the stairs.”

14. “I think I’ll just... Yep, this is a good place.”

13. He did not approve of the cactus...

12. “She’s not allowed on the kitchen table, but she thinks this is OK.”

11. “Django, that isn’t your bone / other bone / bed / house.”

10. “He’s slowly pushing it all off the table, while pretending to sleep.”

9. “I wondered why this was the only plant to not flower this summer.”

8. “Hey Mom, I opened the door for you!”

7. When you are not allowed on both the bed and the table, but your rebellious spirit won’t let you put up with that.

6. Have you prayed tonight Desdemona?

5. “He was alone for just 5 minutes...”

4. “I was wondering why my freezer magically opens sometimes.”

3. “He steals his sister’s ball then sits on her head.”

2. Goodbye brother!

1. “Spent $6k remodeling the bathroom, glad these jerks are comfortable.”

Which of the pics made you empathize with the owners of these mischievous pets? Have you ever caught your pet doing something just as crazy? Feel free to share your pics in the comments!

Preview photo credit everly_wade / Reddit


They are way too cute to be angry at them ?

Enjoyed the compilation!
I think the pizza was still warm, that's why he decided to sleep on it :D

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