20 Women Who Decided to Cut Their Hair Short and Won the Jackpot

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3 years ago

Throughout history, women have experimented with all kinds of short hairstyles. Flappers had the bob cut. Audrey Hepburn popularized the pixie cut. And the lovely Princess Diana was the undisputed queen of the pageboy cut, so much that some people called it the “Lady Di” style. And at the end of the day, it’s just fun to try something new with your hair. After all, it’s in hair’s nature to grow, so cutting it can easily make it look stylized.

At Bright Side, we carefully looked through Kristina’s works and were amazed by her results. Women with her haircuts look younger and well-coiffed, their faces shine with lightness and harmony. At the end of the article, you will find the striking transformation of Kristina herself.

1. Margot

2. Lucy

3. Tatyana

4. Catherine

5. Hope

“Unbelievably beautiful.”

6. Kate

7. Raine

8. Valery

9. Daria

10. Anna

11. Nataly

12. Irene

“She can’t wear her hair loose because it’s dry and porous. So why keeping it?”

13. Grace

14. Inessa

“It’s a very widespread situation when a girl has bleached hair that always breaks. It’s better to cut it off and grow healthy hair.”

15. Anne

“Less hair but much bigger eyes.”

16. Kate

17. Anastasia

18. Margaret

“One day, the bleached hair must be cut off. This day has come.”

19. Daria

“When the hair gains natural structure, curls start waving without assistance.”

20. Victoria

“It’s a perfect length for wavy and porous hair.”

Bonus: Kristina Katsabina

Do you believe that female beauty means long hair, or that a woman can be beautiful with short hair too? Share your opinion in the comments below.

Preview photo credit kristinakatsabina / Instagram


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