22 People Who Should Be Awarded a Medal for Being the Laziest

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Laziness is a feature most of us have tried to hide. On the other hand, some folks can’t even be bothered to reconcile it. And while there have been some hints suggesting that being lazy can be a trait in many successful people, its most common manifestations can be pretty annoying. The examples of carelessness you’re about to see would probably freak out even the most tolerant among us.

1. ’’This is my flatmate’s cup, which he refuses to clean. What you’re seeing is layers upon layers of old milky English breakfast tea.’’

2. “How my roommate loads and runs a ’full’ dishwasher”

3. ’’My roommate bites her butter then drops it on the pan when she cooks.’’

4. Someone casually left a half-eaten sandwich on the supermarket shelf instead of just throwing it into the bin.

5. ’’My roommate made some soup.’’

6. ’’When your flatmate likes to eat seeds and cleans the floor without vacuuming first’’

7. ’’My roommate left our shared bathroom like this after I had been gone for a few weeks.’’

8. ’’My wife’s nightstand’’

9. ’’Way too lazy to wash the dishes...’’

10. At least they washed their dishes.

11. Some folks simply forget that a vacuum cleaner also needs occasional cleaning.

12. ’’I put my whole PC setup on my nightstand because when I woke up, I didn’t want to move to my desk, which is 2 steps away from my bed.’’

13. As long as it’s inside the fridge, it’s good enough.

14. ’’Someone at work left a cup of coffee in the sink instead of throwing it away.’’

15. If there’s a bow, nobody will notice there’s no wrapping paper.

16. When standing and pushing simply seem like too much work

17. For some folks, even using the microwave proves to be too demanding.

18. Do you think that the angry notes work in a situation like this?

19. A true work of art going on there on the stove’s surface...

20. Lazy parking at its best

21. ’’The way my roommate refills our ice trays’’

22. When you can’t be bothered to wash the dishes and you simply add milk directly to the cereal packaging

Who’s the laziest person you know? Share some examples with us in the comments.

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People who are this lazy are menaces and dont care at all about other people. Disgusting


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