23 Poodle Cats That Are Too Cute for This World

5 years ago

It’s easy to believe that everyone knows what a cat looks like. New cat breeds appear quite rarely nowadays since the major groups were shaped a few centuries ago. Poodle cats tend to surprise cat lovers. Their unusual curls make them as cute as possible!

We at Bright Side just couldn’t pass by poodle cats and their looks without posting about it. Today we have collected 23 photos of poodle cats who look absolutely amazing. And we’re more than ready to share these with you!

1. Meet America’s next top model — a cat!

2. This one looks exactly like me on the first day of school.

3. A poodle cat as a perfect optical illusion

4. Whaaaaat is this sound? A coffee machine?

5. When the cushion matches your texture:

6. No one can say, “no” to this face.

7. Cuteness overload!

8. “What do you mean by ’no more food today’?”

9. They look good even when sleeping.

10. “Listen to me attentively, human servant.”

11. Don’t mess things up with a fluffy tiger!

12. Purr Fu Tzu, a fluffy philosopher

13. When you understand why the Egyptians deified cats:

14. These curls are melting my heart!

15. The sweetest of all the predators!

16. Witches use black cats to mesmerize us with their beauty.

17. The spirit of Christmas

18. Cats look great in any pose they take.

19. When you have no idea who chewed the plant because these eyes are so innocent:

20. “Ok, we really have to talk about my menu.”

21. “Maybe if I stay here, nobody will notice that the vase is smashed.”

22. We think this little guy could be the star of The Lion King.

23. What could be better than a cat? A cat with curls, of course!

Would you ever adopt a poodle cat into your family? Please share your answers in the comments!

Preview photo credit boyet_blas / instagram


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