24 Warm Photos That Prove Family Is the Best Thing on Earth

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5 years ago

We suppose that 90% of our warmest memories are connected with our families. We’re so happy when our moms get better, we feel so excited when we first hold our babies, and we’re ready to laugh and cry at the same time when we see our relatives after a long break.

Bright Side thinks that we share our most exciting moments with our family. Here are some photos proving we’re absolutely right.

“Became a dad today. Couldn’t feel more happy right now.”

“My grandfather on his 103rd birthday with my 3-year-old daughter. This picture is priceless to me.”

This is called family:

“My brother just traveled back from half way around the world and we’re wearing the same clothes. Mystery!”

“My mom has finally defeated cancer.”

“My granny wanted me to post this on the internet so that everyone in Italy can see how big her tomatoes have gotten.”

“My son and I are ready for Christmas.”

This boy only asked for one Christmas present this year and he got to open it early.

“My amazing grandmother turns 100 today. She’s survived the holocaust and lost her family during WWII. She’s a living legend.”

“This is my wonderful mother trying her hand at filters. This past year she had her second heart attack. We try to talk at least every few days so I can check on my parents and know they’re doing alright.”

Just look at the pride on her mom’s face. This girl got her first school certificate of distinction.

“My dad was Santa at our local store. We were so surprised when we saw him!”

“Cooked by herself non-stop, all day. Thanks, mom.”

5 generations in one picture

“He hadn’t seen his mom in months, so he surprised her like this.”

“My ex-wife took my son when he was 3. He’s 8 now. I drove 1,200 miles to see him for Thanksgiving and made this. He said it’s not bad for my first time.”

“My grandmom is 93 and losing her memory but can still roll her ravioli dough like a pro.”

“This mini bouquet I made for my mom on Mother’s Day. I do construction and have never made a bouquet.”

“14 months ago, we got on a plane to adopt him. Today, we got on a plane to go get his sister.”

“No one has ever been as excited as my daughter seeing Christmas lights for the first time.”

This little girl realizes the video call from her dad, who was in Nepal, is actually coming from inside the house.

My dad holding his first grandson

“I named my son after my grandfather.”

Tim Duncan with his daughter

We hope this article will inspire you to take your phone and call your relatives to say how much you love them.

Do you think warm family relationships are important?

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The smile of this 100 y.o. granny is so beautiful and so genuine! :)
Very beautiful compilation, thanks guys!


Moms' reactions are so touching :)
We need to appreciate them more and say thanks for them more, for everything they do for us!


The girl running to her dad from Nepal is just the best :)
So warm to see how she misses him and how happy she is, awww


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