7 Reasons Why Women Are More Likely to Want a Divorce Now, According to Research

Marital relationships are unions that start with “I do” to last presumably for a lifetime. However, things have changed lately. According to statistics, the divorce rate in the U.S. only is high, hovering around 43-46% for first-time marriages. In fact, two-thirds of all divorces are initiated by women, which seems a bit paradoxical since women desire to get married more than their partner in the relationship.

We at Bright Side decided to investigate the reasons why women are more likely to file for a divorce nowadays. So keep scrolling to find out!

1. Women are more tempted by a satisfying career than the housewives role.

Before, men were supposed to get out of the house to bring home money while wives needed to stay home with the kids. Nowadays, women are no longer willing to put up with the status quo. They want to be educated, successful, and have their own income.

After tying the knot, they expect to live a life that offers satisfaction in both their career and marriage. So if something is susceptible to jeopardize the career she’s been building or dreaming of, she might not stay there for long.

2. The benefits they gain from marriage may be less than what men gain from marriage.

Women of this era no longer rely on men to provide the resources for them, whether it’s food, protection or financial stability. They are more independent and don’t need their partners to help them live the life they aspire.

That’s why, it’s been proven that men are the ones who benefit more from marriages. A woman can turn a house into a home, she can help her partner achieve financial stability and mostly, she’ll be there to support his personal growth.

3. Women often take on more of the emotional burden.

Women want emotional support from their lifetime partners. If the wife can’t communicate with her husband about their issues, or even start a conversation without getting hurt everytime, she might start to feel left alone.

While men might not take this kind of issues seriously, this does take a toll on a her — mentally, physically, and certainly emotionally. With time, she’ll feel left out and her emotions will take a hold of her, making it impossible to keep the marriage together

4. Women no longer tolerate consistent unacceptable behavior.

It seems like nowadays women have a lower tolerance of inappropriate behaviors than before. If there is infidelity, emotional abuse, or any kind of harmful behavior, women tend to ask for a divorce.

According to a divorce mediator and coach “Today’s modern woman is more unlikely to put up with infidelity. Once the honeymoon period is over, some men drastically change their behavior from romantic to controlling. Unfortunately, this happens in many marriages, and women don’t want to take it anymore.”

5. Women have high and complex expectations about marriage.

Social media and movies might have spread a wrong image about marriage. It’s not always roses and butterflies, this union requires work, sacrifices, commitment, and mostly respect. When women get hit with the reality of it, tensions arise.

The expectations have now grown a lot more than before. Women not only want to create a family, they also want emotional intimacy, communication, personal growth, and shared responsibility. When she realizes that these criterias are not met, she might instantly initiate divorce.

6. Divorce doesn’t harm women.

If the woman was mistreated emotionally or physically during her marital relationship, divorce is the only way for her to break free. Women have been fighting for their rights for years, so it’s only fair to say that they can take the blinders off and shield themselves with their own power instead of fear.

Watching the institution of marriage crumbling is hard, but when one’s own well being is at stake, there’s not much to do. The process comes with its challenges, but women have had to overcome a lot of issues throughout history and they know they can still make it.

7. Men believe that they’ll have much to lose if they file for a divorce first.

Sometimes, the only reason why men don’t ask for a divorce is because they believe they will not be privileged at court in terms of finances and child custody. They think that men are treated poorly in court, that in most cases the judgement is not fair.

Even after breaking up, men prefer not to file for divorce and wait for their partner to do so. In some cases, they are intimidated by that process and just want to get over with things as soon as possible.

What do you think pushes a wife to ask for a divorce? We’d love to know what you think!


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