8 Products to Make Your Least Favorite Chores Easy Peasy

5 months ago

If you haven’t thought about cleaning as an act of meditation, it is high time to get started. It can really bring peace to your mind. So, hurry up! Start sweeping or doing the dishes right now. Your brain will be thankful.

And to gain even more serenity during the process, you can try these neat products.

1. Wow! This toilet brush offers an ingenious way to make the cleaning process more efficient and less time-consuming.

You can easily refill the device via the handle. The brush is easy to use — you just need to push the button, and the liquid will come out. Comes with a holder set that you can put on the wall or leave standing on the floor.

Promising review:

Loved this product, ordered 2. Used 1 in the bathroom and another in the wet room. It’s got silicone bristles, which means it doesn’t harbor germs or bacteria. Also, with a removable drip tray at the bottom to wash out, it’s easy to refill your fave toilet cleaner. — Amazon Customer

2. You could probably use this disposable toilet cleaning system to save some time when cleaning your toilet.

The package contains 16 wand replacement heads. The handle is long enough for comfortable usage. The base and 2 stickers for the wall mounting are included.

Promising review:

TikTok made me buy this, but I don’t regret it one bit. So much more hygienic to be able to scrub the loo & dispose of the sponge afterward. — Amy-louise

3. These microfiber cleaning cloths are durable and versatile: you can use them as dusters, to remove fingertips from your silverware, or even to wash your car.

These non-abrasive rags are greatly absorbent. You can use them with or without water. The pack of 50 contains cloths that come in 5 colors (10 pieces of each).

Promising review:

These cloths are the bee’s knees! They are absorbent, soft, and soak up water or spills. Can be hand-washed in about a minute and dry quickly. They can be used for anything, actually — kitchen, bathroom, face wipes, dusters. Would buy it again, but I don’t think I’ll need to for a very long time😊 - Simma

4. This wonder mop with a sprayer will clean your floors perfectly, dry or wet.

You can also use this product to clean your windows — it is very handy. And no need to bring a heavy bucket with water. All in all, a great energy-saver of a device.

Promising review:

Found this mop very easy to put together. Love the fact it has 3 different headcloths, meaning one can be in the wash while you use the others. Also, I like the fact you don’t have to buy ready-made sprays to fit in the mop — you can actually add your own mix of scents and cleaning agents. 5 stars!!! — L. Basnett

5. This brush, with a curved bar and very flexible bristles, will leave no spot uncleaned inside your toilet.

Thanks to the hollow design, the brush dries quickly. It also comes with a base, but there is a hole in the handle for another storage option.

Promising review:

Good size, it’s easy to handle, and it works well. — A.J. ADENOLA

6. A pack of 3 versatile medium-soft brushes will help considerably you around the house.

You can easily use each one of them to clean a toilet rim, a sink’s slot, sliding door tracks, or any other tight corner. The brushes come with a hole in the handle for convenient storage.

Promising review:

Good brushes for getting right under the toilet rim, and a good value too. — Bellevoir

7. This soap-dispensing brush with a built-in scraper and non-slip grip (that’s secure even when wet) works wonders.

Easy to use: The light push of a button is enough to get the soap out. And nylon bristles make the device quite durable. Safe even for non-stick cookware.

Promising review:

I have 2 of these now and love them for cleaning, especially in the bathroom for the grout. I put dishwashing liquid and vinegar in them and scrub — they are very effective. — Hot-mess

8. Reach even the darkest corner with this rotatable scrubber.

The head is drop-shaped, which comes in handy when you need to clean narrow spaces, especially corners. It comes with a long stainless-steel handle. You can also use the brush separately.

Promising review:

Great product: head swivels to get in the corners, etc. Bristles are firm but not so firm that they scratch shower doors, and they are great for tiles. Also used as an exercise stick for working by the fractured shoulder — physio was very impressed!! — sue

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