19 Devices Everyone Ought to Have in the Kitchen

4 years ago

Cooking can either be a challenge or an interesting experience. And a huge part of how we perceive it depends on the devices we use to make things more entertaining.

We at Bright Side can spend hours on websites like Amazon and AliExpress, staring at devices that promise to make our cooking experience much easier. The things we found this time around are so good that we just couldn’t keep them a secret from you. And in the bonus feature, you’ll find some devices that look as if they were teleported from the future.

An electric stirrer

The slow process of stirring food is not for everyone. To make your life easier, use an electric stirrer. Simply put it into the bowl, turn it on, and let it do all the work. It can also be used as a mixer. You can buy a cheap one here.

A sous vide cooking device

Now you don’t need a huge cooker to use the sous vide technique: all you need is a small device that can fit into any kitchen drawer.

A silicone bread maker

You can mix the batter in a silicone bowl and put it right into the oven. The bread will turn out exactly as you want it to because the bowl conserves the necessary temperature and humidity.

A whisk wiper

The Whisk Wiper is made for people who hate cleaning whisks. The special device helps to clean off every last drop of cream or batter.

A potato chip maker

Using this thing, you can make crunchy potato chips — or vegetable or fruit chips — right in your microwave oven.

Reusable drinking straws

Disposable drinking straws are great for different beverages, but they’re bad for the environment. The solution is simple — reusable straws. You can use stainless steel straws or silicone ones. It’s easy to clean them with a special brush that’s included in the pack.

A meal portion control tool

Using this tool, you can easily control not only how much you eat, but also what kind of food you eat. Plus, it looks pretty awesome!

A mixing bowl cover

Whipping cream often leads to a huge mess in the kitchen. In order to prevent this from happening, you can buy a protective lid and enjoy the process without having to clean the entire kitchen afterward.

A salad cutter bowl

This amazing device can be used to cut all the vegetables, fruit, and parsley that you want to use in a salad. You use the slits to cut the ingredients and then turn the lid and cut again. You can do this for as much or as little as you need.

A herb cutter

This cutter with holes can help you get the leaves off the stems that we don’t eat. And the sharp edge will help you cut the herbs perfectly.

A practical vegetable peeler

You can use this at home, while camping, or anywhere else. This device will peel your vegetables and fruit without making a mess around you.

A vacuum food sealer

Using this lid, you can seal any food or meal on any plate, bowl, or pot via vacuum suction.

Glass pots and soup tools

Firstly, this looks pretty cool. Secondly, these kinds of pots heat up very fast and it’s easy to see when the water is boiling without having to take the lid off.

A drop colander

This device from the Italian designer Viviana Degrandi allows you to wash and dry herbs, vegetables, fruit, and berries quickly and easily. You pour the water in the handle, shake the device several times, and the food is ready to be eaten. You can buy it here.

A stainless steel cast iron cleaner

People who love using cast irons know that they’re really hard to wash. You can’t use any aggressive detergents because they might destroy their protective layer. But this device will allow you to wash off even the oldest dirt.

Silicon baking sheet divider

This simple device will allow you to split different meals on the same pan like fish and meat with and without sauce or 2 different side dishes. You don’t need to spend twice as much time cooking food anymore.

A bowl for making kebab in a microwave oven

Using this device, you can make kebab even if you don’t have a grill or oven — all you need is a microwave oven. You don’t even need oil, just steam.

A device for storing ziplock bags

Ziplock bags are very convenient for storing food but if you just put them in the fridge, they’ll take up a lot of space and it’s often hard to find the bag you need. The “Zip n Store” system is a great solution to this problem. You can buy it here.

Fruit and vegetable extenders

Dualplex are extenders with an anti-mold cover. They don’t just protect your fruits and veggies from moisture and mold, but they also absorb any odors. You can buy them here.


A very smart scale

This scale doesn’t just show the weight of food, but it can also reveal its calories and what the food is actually made of like proteins, fats, and carbs. The device shows this information in the special app that helps you track what you eat.

A cooler stick

Thanks to its shape and materials, this stick can cool down not only drinks but any other liquids, like soups, to a normal temperature. The stick is hollow so you can even put spices inside it.

A system for perfect frying

This smart stove automatically adjusts the temperature of the pan according to the recipes included in the application.

A microwave that cools instead of heating

The Juno system needs just a few seconds to cool down tea, coffee, mineral water, and other drinks to the temperature you need.

A perfect system for making tea

This futuristic-looking device can create perfect conditions for every kind of tea. It adjusts the temperature, the time, and adds oxygen to the water to make the final drink godlike.

What devices are absolutely essential for you these days? Which of the devices on our list did you think were useful and which ones appeared to be a waste of money?

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I have such a smart scale, it's the best thing ever for those who love baking. My mom uses it a lot ☺


I don't know, some of these look pretty unnecessary, if you ask me...


The mixing bowl cover is all I ask!! Please!! I done with making a mess every time I try to mix something ?


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