A Man Created a Youtube Channel to Help Kids Who Grew Up Fatherless Like Him

8 months ago

Rob Kenney, a father of two, created the YouTube channel “Dad, How Do I?” because he wanted to teach valuable life skills to children who, like him, didn’t have a dad growing up. His heartwarming how-to’s have gained him almost 5 million subscribers, and no task is too trivial, from shaving and hanging shelves to unclogging drains.

His dad left his family when he was a teenager.

Rob Kenney’s father abandoned his 8 children when he had barely entered his teenage years. Kenney eventually moved in with his 23-year-old brother and his wife to live in a small mobile home when he was 14 years old. Without a doubt, Kenney’s life wasn’t simple. In one of his interviews, he got candid about how he pledged to not repeat his parents’ mistakes.

He decided to be the dad he never had.

That’s Kenney and his daughter in the picture above. When the man became a dad himself, he focused on raising good adults. In an interview, Kenney said, “I never wanted to be wealthy. I never wanted to be necessarily successful. My goal in life was to raise good adults — not good children, but good adults — because I had a fractured childhood.”

And he did become a fatherly role model for many kids.

Kenney has been married for 31 years and has 2 children, Kristine and Kyle. It seems like, for Kenney, fatherhood never really ends, but since the most crucial part is finished and his children are adults now, he started making YouTube videos. He gathered much knowledge and experience over the years of being a daddy, and he wanted to cover all the questions that a kid might ask his dad for help with.

With his channel, he definitely changed some people’s lives.

Not having a dad who could help him through his younger years, Kenney makes videos and explains things like a father would step by step, with topics that range from how to cook rice to how to take charge of your money. His videos usually start with him saying, “Hey, kids!” and it’s so simple yet meaningful. On a video about tying a tie, comments read, “This guy is literally a dad for people without dads,” and “I’m a 20-year-old guy who never had anyone teach me how to tie a tie. But now I know! I love this guy.”

In another video about ironing a dress shirt, one person commented, “My dad also walked out on me. And honestly, I saw all your videos, which made me tear up. This is really amazing and beautiful that you’re doing this!”

Dads will do anything for their children, and a man named Ira Latham proved that with a heartwarming rebellious act. The father wore a tiny top and shorts to a school meeting to protest “inappropriate” student attire, and the moment has gone viral.


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