An Artist Shows What True Love Is Really About (17 Pics)

4 years ago

Love consists of many little things, and not all of them are always bright and shiny. Amanda Oleander, an artist from Los Angeles, knows a lot about these things, but she’s not afraid to show them to you. In her work, she illustrates all those little details like eating out or brushing your teeth that make up the everyday life of most couples. That is why her illustrations are so relatable for each of us.

Bright Side put together 17 drawings made by Amanda that show what love looks like behind closed doors.

17. If you love someone, you love every part of them, even the hairy ones.

16. Random sniffs are the best.

15. You’re ready to do anything just to make your loved one smile.

14. Near your soulmate, you don’t have to hide your real emotions.

13. When you 2 are together, the magic appears.

12. Even a cold and stuffy nose can’t separate you from each other.

11. Sharing stories about your scars can be a deeply bonding experience.

10. When you can’t decide what you want to eat for dinner:

9. Your house is full of hair, but you don’t even have a cat.

8. Just eating together at home can turn into a date night.

7. Love makes you feel comfortable everywhere.

6. That time when you find a goodie and just can’t resist:

5. Her hair vs His hair, in the morning

4. With your favorite person, you can let your inner child come out.

3. Even the smallest things can make you explode with love.

2. No matter how different you are, you can still make a great match.

1. You know that your body is not perfect, but you’re not afraid to show it anyway.

What is true love, in your opinion? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

Preview photo credit amandaoleander / instagram


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I turn into the biggest kid when I'm alone with my boyfriend but I'm quite cold when I'm alone. People think I am this "cool girl" but I'm his princess ;)


This artist did a great job showing what a relationship is about! I hope mine will be like this ?


These illustrations made think of my old days with my exes haha. Such a beautiful moments!


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