An Artist Wanted to Teach Spongers a Lesson, and the Results Surprised Him

2 months ago

The works of Jon Atron deserve attention for their quality, but the artist became popular on the Internet thanks to his sense of humor. Some of his subscribers wanted to get their portraits for free. Jon got sick and tired of such requests but instead of fighting with freeloaders, he came up with a better idea.

Here at<strong> Bright Side, we agree that all good work deserves to be rewarded and think you’ll appreciate his unusual approach.

Jon’s drawing style is photorealism and he has spent many years sharpening his skills.

Thousands of people subscribed to his Instagram account but the artist started to receive many messages from people asking him to draw them for free and he ran out of patience.

Jon replied to one of the requests quite unusually.

The artist started to answer all of these types of requests in the same way and shared his story on Instagram.

He hoped that people would understand that all work deserved to be rewarded and would eventually stop asking for free portraits.

However, he received even more of these requests! People loved Jon’s joke and he got hundreds of messages every day from people asking him to draw “a silly portrait”.

These sketches got even more likes than his real works and many subscribers even offered to pay for them. But some people still insisted on getting their portraits for free.

Jon received much more impressive feedback than he expected but it didn’t help him get rid of this problem. However, he was up for the task.

Jon started a fundraiser for Birmingham Children’s Hospital: “If you’re one of these strange people who are willing to pay for silly doodles, here’s your chance.”

Everyone who would donate $10 or more could write to Jon and get a doodle.

Subscribers liked his idea and he has managed to raise $1,543 as of today. Jon has turned irritating requests into an act of kindness.

What do you think about this unusual solution? Maybe you’ve been in a similar situation? Share it with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit jonarton / Instagram


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