Bindi Irwin Shared a Touching Video of Her Father and Made Everyone Miss Him Even More

9 months ago

Bindi Irwin fondly reminded us all how her late father, Steve, deeply appreciated all creatures. The 25-year-old Crikey! It’s the Irwins star recently shared a sweet video on Instagram, showcasing her father’s tender care for the Australia Zoo.

In the clip, the renowned Crocodile Hunter cycled up to two fighting kookaburras and skillfully separated the agitated birds. With a light-hearted approach, he diffused the tension, urging the birds to reconcile their differences at his zoo.

“This #flashback makes my heart happy,” the nature conservationist captioned the video. “Dad’s kindness and love for all species will live on forever.”

“Now stop it. You guys need to make up. You be friends now,” Steve gently lectured as the kookaburras continued their beak-grabbing squabble. The scene then shifted to Steve imitating kookaburra sounds to restore peace, ultimately resolving the conflict peacefully.

“Crikey,” Steve exclaimed before continuing on his bicycle. “Day’s work involves putting out fires, stopping fires, playing with the gators, koalas, kangaroos.”

Terri, Steve’s wife, also commented on her daughter’s post, emphasizing the significance of the moment, and affirming that Steve cherished every creature at the Australia Zoo. Steve, who passed away in 2006 at the age of 44, left a lasting legacy of love and dedication to wildlife.

Over the years, the Irwin family has grown, with Bindi welcoming her 2-year-old daughter, Grace Warrior, in 2021, along with her husband Chandler Powell. In a recent interview, Bindi expressed her gratitude for her daughter, highlighting the challenges she faced with endometriosis and urging sensitivity when discussing family planning.

Additionally, Bindi has shared her admiration for her younger brother Robert Irwin’s girlfriend, Rorie Buckey, praising her in a heartfelt Instagram post. The couple made their first public appearance together by gracing the red carpet at the Australian premiere of the new Mission: Impossible movie.

“Sweetest soul, beautiful friend, I love her dearly, and you’ll usually see Grace just following her around because she adores her,” Bindi affectionately wrote.


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