Good News: 2 US States Have Banned Kill Shelters to Protect Animals

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Every year, more than 1.5 million animals are euthanized in kill shelters in the US alone, as they wait to find their forever homes. Abandoned cats and dogs are brought to these facilities and given a chance at a second life. However, kill shelters have time limit and if the animals are not adopted in the set period, they are euthanized to make room for younger, healthier puppies and kittens. As heartbreaking as it sounds, it is the truth.

Animal activists and lovers across the globe have been raising their voice for quite some time now against the brutality associated with putting healthy animals to sleep and a change is finally coming. This year, 2 US states completely banned kill-shelters and Bright Side would like to applaud them for their actions.


Delaware, even though it’s a small state, did something massive earlier this year and made headlines across the globe for being the first-ever state with a no kill-shelter status. In August, the state was recognized as a pet-safe state with a 90% save rate of both cats and dogs in shelters.

To answer the next obvious question — a state cannot be 100% free from euthanization, as sometimes it is actually necessary for certain animals when they are extremely sick or for other reasons. However, all the shelters in the state follow the principles of being a no-kill shelter, for example, only the animals who can’t be treated further or are too dangerous for other animals or people around them are put down.

Even though the state is small, it is home to a large number of shelter animals and the decision to go cruelty-free has really made a difference for the animals. Brandywine Valley SPCA, one of the shelters which is now no-kill, has revealed that it now has a “live release rate of 95% for more than 14,000 animals.”


Following Delaware, Michigan has also recently announced its no-kill shelter status and we couldn’t be happier for the animals! Now, this news is pretty big since, compared to Delaware, Michigan had a large number of kill shelters which have been either dissolved or turned into normal shelter houses. According to Newsweek, the state now has a 90% no-kill rate as well and is constantly working to improve the lives of less fortunate animals.

But, a coin always has 2 sides and not everybody is supporting the no-kill shelter rules. In order to keep shelters no-kill, many dogs and cats are turned away, which leads to people abandoning them on roads and in forests, ultimately leading to their deaths, in an even more painful manner. PETA, the famous non-profit organization that works for animal welfare, has criticized the idea, noting that, “Keeping animals out of shelters may keep ’no-kill’ shelters’ euthanasia rates low and make for effective fundraising, but it spells disaster for animals.”

Bonus: Photos of rescue animals who made a miraculous recovery

Senior dogs deserve love too, adopt them out of these cages.

Look at what unconditional love can do.

“We’re so glad he came into our lives and is letting his sweet, goofy personality shine!”

“Before adoption, day of adoption. Best decision of my life so far tbh.”

Do you agree that going kill-free is a good idea or do you stand with PETA and their stance on kill-shelters? Have you ever rescued an animal? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Preview photo credit Gniwa / Reddit


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