Gordon Ramsay, 57, and Wife, 49, Welcome Their 6th Baby and Share a Series of Heart-Melting Pics

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7 months ago

In 2016, Ramsay and his wife experienced a pregnancy loss at 5 months. But today, the couple has a reason to celebrate life again! The 57-year-old chef and his spouse, Tana Ramsay, took to Instagram on Saturday to share the joyous news of the arrival of their sixth child, a son. They also shared the special name they picked and some truly heartwarming snaps of the baby’s first moments.

Their new bundle of joy.

Ramsay, who had celebrated his birthday just a few days ago, was the initial bearer of the announcement, posting three images online introducing the latest member of the Ramsay family, whom they named Jesse James.

He wrote, “What an amazing birthday present! Please welcome Jesse James Ramsay, a 7lbs 10oz whopper,” and added, “One more bundle of love to the Ramsay brigade!! 3 boys, 3 girls... Done 👊🏼❤️❤️.”

The shared images depicted Gordon tenderly giving the newborn a kiss on the head while Tana held him. Additional pictures captured Tana’s joyful expressions beside baby Jesse.

Tana mirrored the post on her personal Instagram account, including a photo of the baby meeting his older brother, Oscar. She wrote, “It’s been a nerve-wracking 9 months, but we’ve made it, and we have been blessed with this little bundle.” She continued, saying, “Ramsay family is definitely complete. Jesse James Ramsay, we love you so much ❤️🙏🏼.”

They both love a big family!

In addition to Jesse James, Gordon and his 49-year-old wife Tana are parents to five other children — 25-year-old daughter Megan, 23-year-old twins Jack and Holly, 22-year-old daughter Matilda “Tilly,” and 4-year-old son Oscar.

In a previous interview, The Kitchen Nightmares host discussed Tana’s desire for another child, revealing that she expressed interest in expanding their family with “another one” in the future. Speaking about being an older parent, the star noted jokingly, “I’m going to be at school celebrating sports day with a walker!”

His wife had also once commented on her desire to have a big family, saying, “I’m one of four, Gordon’s one of four, so it’s sort of second nature to me.”

We send this lovely family our warmest wishes. Nowadays, more celebrities are giving birth at a later age and loving it. Just like Tana, who had her baby at 49, actress Brigitte Nielsen delivered her first daughter after four boys at 54 and explained why she prefers late motherhood.

Preview photo credit gordongram / Instagram


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