How Katie Holmes Raised Her Daughter Suri Into a Humble Teen Despite Her Ultra-Privileged Life

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7 months ago

Seventeen years ago, Suri Cruise was born into instant fame as the only child of Hollywood A-listers, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. Despite her life of privilege, Suri has grown into a grounded and independent young woman, all thanks to her dedicated mother. Following her 2012 divorce from Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes is highly determined to give Suri a normal and well-grounded upbringing.

No more designer outfits. NEWS

At the tender age of 3, Suri’s clothing collection was already worth a staggering million dollars, making her one of Hollywood’s most stylish kids who was known for her love of dressing in girly designer attire and accessories. However, things took a turn when her parents separated, and Suri moved with Katie to New York. Reports surfaced that Katie halted the designer-focused wardrobe, even returning unsolicited gifts and designer loans.

She used to wear makeup at 5.

Wagner Az, NEWS

Besides her lavish wardrobe, Suri was fond of makeup at a very young age. She was frequently photographed wearing lipstick before turning 4 years old and was even spotted shopping and testing makeup products just before her 5th birthday. However, this situation also changed when she no longer lived with her father.

She grew up far from the spotlight.

Despite her high-profile Hollywood life, Katie diligently protects her daughter’s privacy from the media’s eyes and refrains from oversharing about her on social media. She once remarked, “Every parent is challenged by social media and the internet,” underscoring the importance of screen time limits for both herself and her daughter.

Instead, this protective mama preferred for Suri to grow away from Hollywood and spend much time with her grandparents and aunts in Ohio, where the actress was born.

She does volunteer work with mom.

Katie also ensures that Suri doesn’t disconnect from the world outside her own. In an interview, the actress shared that they actively engage in volunteering. Just like in 2019, they journeyed together to Greece to help in a refugee camp. The activity not only served a greater good but also strengthened their bond. As Katie said, “I enjoy volunteering with my daughter and hearing her perspective on how we can make a difference.”

She has to do chores.

Dylan Travis/ABACA/Abaca/East News

Growing up with a lot of help around the house doesn’t excuse Suri for being lazy and spoiled. Katie once revealed that they have a very structured schedule at home, and Suri has a list of daily chores, including making her bed, clearing her dishes, and putting her clothes in the laundry.

She attended school to have a more normal childhood.

After six years of homeschooling, Katie decided to enroll her daughter in a private school. Reportedly, she believed the school could offer a sense of normalcy, as it enforced uniforms and prohibited high-end children’s fashion that Suri had grown accustomed to. “She wants Suri to fit in and be more of a normal kid,” a source said.

And she hops on the subway, too. NEWS, NEWS

Suri was once a frequent flier on private jets and helicopters, but her mom didn’t hesitate to teach her a valuable lesson in frugality. Katie would take Suri on the subway for school or to get around town. Katie is no stranger to public transport since her split from Tom Cruise.

Mother and daughter quality time.

It is clear by now that the mom-and-daughter duo share a deep bond and always prioritize family. Just like the rest of us, they spend quality time together and enjoy regular activities. Katie revealed that she and Suri enjoyed going over classic Hollywood movies, cooking, and sewing quilts together.

Katie Holmes is not alone in her pursuit of raising a down-to-earth child. Angelina Jolie and Julia Roberts, among other celebrities, also share this goal, and each adopts a unique approach.

Preview photo credit Dylan Travis/ABACA/Abaca/East News, katieholmes / Instagram


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