How Royal Fashion Icons Styled Their Looks Before They Became Royal

3 years ago

Searches spike rapidly after Catherine or Meghan appear in public wearing a new look. Their modern outfits become so iconic, that they instantly get replicated by many of their followers. Together with their predecessor Diana, they’ve become some of the best-dressed women in history. But long before this, their everyday looks were not much different than the casual outfits that we see (and wear) every day.

Bright Side decided to get a better understanding of what these 3 famous Royals used to be when it came to fashion. We can’t wait to show you the outfits that you would never see them wearing around Buckingham Palace!

Princess Diana

Even before she married Prince Charles and became a fashion idol to many, Diana’s clothes and her personal style perfectly expressed her personality and feelings. Some stylists even described her as being “whimsy with clothing” for constantly experimenting and playing around with her look.

Diana adored cozy eye-catching sweaters with unique designs and was seen wearing them for many occasions — from a simple walk on the street to events she visited with her husband-to-be Charles. To complete her looks, she combined them with trousers or skirts and colorful tights.

In addition to vivid colors, Diana also showed her very romantic and dreamy side. For her everyday looks, she chose airy pie-crust blouses and pastel ruffles, which added more charm to her persona and made her whole look feel very subtle.

Clothes in pastel colors often found their place in her wardrobe as well. She combined plain blouses with trendy skirts decorated with subtle patterns. Though, since bright sweaters were her passion, they often added the main accent to her whole outfit. She would end up with a very elegant yet very delicate look, and she was even called “Shy Di” by the media for the way she dressed.

Catherine Middleton

Catherine’s personal style has gradually evolved over the years. Before she became a proud member of the Royal Family, the Duchess used to dress differently than the modest looks she wears now. For example, one of her favorite items were low-rise jeans, that she often appeared in public wearing.

As a Royal, before appearing in public, she now has to carefully think through all of her outfits. Back in 2007, she was still free from these duties and could allow herself to go to the closest coffee shop in the most casual outfit she had.

She also had more liberty when choosing the outfit she should attend a party in. For example, she appeared at the Day-Glo Midnight Roller Disco in a bright and fun outfit. Once the party started she had a lot of fun rollerblading — something we wouldn’t see the modern Kate doing.

Playful and vivid gowns also had a place in Catherine’s wardrobe. In 2006, she attended The Chakravarty Cup charity polo match wearing a bright polka-dot dress with deep cleavage. She still wears looks with this pattern today, however, now everything is styled according to the Royal Family’s dress code.

Meghan Markle

Meghan has always had her own special style, which she has carried throughout her life, both during her career as an actress and a member of the Royal Family. Even though now and then she’s broken several rules of the Royal dress code, she’s always managed to look chic. Still, back in the day, she had way more freedom in choosing her own outfits.

Back when she was still an actress, Meghan would appear on the red carpet in strapless dresses that would emphasize her good figure. Some style details remained the same even after she joined The Royal Family: she was never shy about exposing her shoulders or baring her shapely legs.

In the past, Meghan adored short shorts and wore them pretty often. To become the Duchess of Sussex she had to forget about this favored item of hers, as the Royal dress code states that knees must not be uncovered. But there is one thing she never gave up on — she has always loved wearing tasteful high heels with most of her outfits.

Now as Meghan, together with her husband Harry, has resigned from her Royal Duties, she can finally go back to wearing items she personally loves and styling them the way she thinks they look best on her. There will be almost no dressing taboos for her anymore!

How has your personal style evolved through time? Let’s share our photos in the comment section!


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I like Meg's style before she became royal, when she was one and even after. I think she has a perfect sense of style


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