“I’m Still Struggling to Understand How to Be a Mother,” Madonna Admits That Her Life’s Hardest Battle Is Raising Her Kids

All parents around the world face many challenges and obstacles while raising their kids, and Madonna is no exception. The music icon admits that being a mom “has been the most difficult, the hardest battle” that she had to face. The 64-year-old has been totally honest during a recent interview and opened up about the struggles she has to overcome as a mama of 6.

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When Madonna was 5 years old, she lost her own mother, who was just 30, to cancer. And it was at 38 that she became a mother herself for the very first time when she gave birth to her oldest daughter, Lourdes. Less than 4 years later, her son, Rocco, was born. Madonna later expanded her family with 4 more kids, adopting David, who is now 17; Mercy, who is now 16; and twins girls Estere and Stella, who are 10.

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And even though she’s been a mother for decades now, the superstar revealed, “Today, I am still struggling to understand how to be a mother and do my job.” On the other hand, she also acknowledges that it’s not easy for her kids either to have a mom like her. She admitted, “Growing up with a mother like me is a challenge.”

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The Grammy-winning singer noted, “Whoever you are, having children and raising them is a work of art.” And Madonna believes that the challenge of parenting lies in the fact that “no one gives you a manual.” She added, “You have to learn from mistakes. It is a profession that requires a lot of time. And it is exhausting because there is never rest.”

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And despite struggling in the role of a parent to her 6 kids, motherhood gives her a tremendous amount of joy, as she admits, “Much of my happiness comes from them.” The singer also added, “What makes me happiest is seeing how each of them has discovered their own creativity, and that it comes from an authentic place.”

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And even though her kids are clearly influenced by their mom’s creativity and talent, Madonna insists that she never tried to push them in a certain direction. She explained, “I have never encouraged my daughter Lola to make music or my son Rocco to paint. But I’ve always exposed them to art, to music, and I’m happy that they’ve found ways to express themselves.” The proud mama added, “I have respect and admiration for them and for what they do.”

She might find parenting to be a challenging task, but it seems like the loving mom is doing a fantastic job at it, and we admire her even more for that.

Do you agree that being a parent is one of the most challenging yet rewarding roles?

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