Courteney Cox Earns Endearing Nickname ’Mama Hen’ from Jenna Ortega and “Scream VI” Cast for Her Kind Off-Screen Demeanor

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In the Scream franchise, Courteney Cox plays Gale Weather, a reporter. Her role as a veteran in the series holds great significance. Recently, during an interview, the young cast members of the latest movie, Scream VI, expressed their individual perspectives on Cox’s nurturing and caring demeanor on set.

This only serves to increase our admiration for the kind-hearted actress. And it makes us adore her even more.

Jenna Ortega, 20, known for her role in the TV series Wednesday, revealed that Cox “goes out of her way” for the sake of the cast members. “It feels like we’re unusually comfortable with each other, probably too much,” the actress added.

Melissa Barrera, 32, describes Cox as “one of the sweetest people in the business.” The group expressed their admiration for the actress, stating that she exceeded their expectations of meeting a Hollywood hero.

Cox is not only kind and funny, but also a nurturing figure, encouraging the cast to spend time together and cooking for them. Barrera admitted, “She’s even better than you would think. She’s more lovable and funnier and more generous... And she was like a mama hen that would want us to all hang out,” she shared.

Evan Agostini/Invision/East News

Jasmin Savoy Brown, 28, known for her role in Yellowjackets, expresses her enthusiasm for working with Courteney Cox again on Scream VI after meeting her during 2022’s Scream.

The actress reveals that she enjoyed the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with Cox on a personal level. She also admires her impressive performance in the movie, particularly her character’s pivotal confrontation with Ghostface.

Mason Gooding, 26, known for his role in Booksmart, shares that one of the most memorable experiences he had on set was attending dinner parties with Courteney Cox. He explains that these gatherings were a great way to bond with the cast and overcome the initial awkwardness of meeting new people.

Brown added that Cox is a genuinely caring person who goes out of her way to check on her fellow cast members. “It’s genuine...She checks on us... She checks on me every month to ask how things are going in my personal life, seeing if I need any advice,” the actor revealed.

Paramount/Courtesy Everett Collection / East News

Although Courteney Cox returns for her sixth appearance in the Scream franchise in Scream VI, Neve Campbell, who played Sidney Prescott, decided not to reprise her role.

In a 2022 interview, Campbell stated that her decision not to sign on for the film was difficult. The actress explained that it was due to issues related to negotiations, as she did not feel that what was being offered to her was commensurate with the value she brings to the franchise after 25 years.

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