New Mom Hilary Swank Pays the Most Heartfelt Tribute to Her Dad Who Died 2 Years Ago

7 months ago

Just a week after announcing the happy news of her twins’ birth on Instagram, Hilary Swank posted about a dear person that she lost. The actress paid a powerful homage to her beloved father, Stephen, for his 75th birthday. Swank reminds us that life is a journey mixed with joy and loss, and each step in it should be accepted with grace and elegance.

She wishes her dad was still here

Swank shared a series of snaps of her late dad Stephen with her 1.5 million Instagram fans to commemorate his 75th birthday.

The new mom wrote a message in which she addressed her father directly, saying, ’’You would be 75 today, and a Great Papa to 2 more extraordinary souls.’’

She continued, ’’I celebrate you every day and the beautiful grace-filled gift you were and continue to be in my life.’’

Hilary then told her dad that he is ’’greatly missed by so many’’ but then admitted that she is the one missing him the most.

She concluded her moving text by thanking him ’’for being my guiding light’’ and declaring,
’’I love you, Dad. Always and forever through every lifetime.’’

She was a dedicated daughter.

The Oscar winner lost her dad in 2021 and previously mentioned having had a “unique relationship with him.” Swank explained being ’’his sole caretaker after a lung transplant 7 years ago.’’ And it was during the time of his illness that the father-daughter duo grew incredibly close, deepened their relationship, and savored every moment they had together, according to the star.

The Oscar-winning actress noted that he is one of her ’’most favorite people’’ and shared that there is not a day that goes by that she doesn’t miss him.

Understanding that death is a part of life.

And even though her parent’s death was devastating, the new mom had acknowledged that she was ’’awakened to the truest sense of living again.’’

The actress noted that this physical loss helped her ’’better understand the circle of life and where we come from and where we go back to,’’ and she shared that this realization ’’connected me back to my truest self.’’


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