Parents Capture the Sweet Bond of a Furry Big Brother and His Human Sister

3 years ago

Marshall is a gorgeous Golden Retriever with an Instagram where his human mom puts his thoughts into words. About 2 years ago, his world was changed forever when he got a little sister. Not only do they share some similar blond hair, but they also share so much in common and adore each other the way only siblings can relate to!

We at Bright Side can’t get enough of this adorable duo and we think that they’ll just make your day like they did ours.

Welcoming a new family member!

Marshall knew what it was like to come into a family for the first time. He was found online by his parents, who immediately fell in love with him and flew him from Gold Coast to Sydney. In 2019, he waited patiently for September to come so he could finally welcome a human sibling. And on September 17 that year, little Macy was born.

Which means brother duty began, and Marshall also had to share his birthday month with his new sister because his birthday is on September 27. “Thanks for stealing my birthday thunder Macy, might have to bark at 2 a.m. when you are sleeping,” their mom Rachel said, capturing his feelings in human words.

Here are more of their adorable interactions and Marshall’s cheeky inner thoughts as cleverly summed up by Rachel:

“In the great words of Mariah Carey, why you so obsessed with me Macy?”

“This baby is pretty useless, she doesn’t throw the ball when I give it to her. Mum said I needed to be patient.”

“Who dropped the fart? Spoiler — it was me.”

A totally sibling thing to do, to pretend that it was your sibling and not you!

“Well that’s not fair, that bow is asking for me to rip it off her head. Not my issue if you come back and it’s gone.”

“It’s a pity Macy’s double chin ruined our selfie.”

“Hopefully puts that double chin to good use and stores some food under it for me.”

“The puppy dog eyes have been working overtime these days. Boy just wants a treat, but Macy is hogging all the attention.”

“Mom, you need to fatten her up so she is more comfortable to lay on, thanks.”

“The firstborn always has shotgun on dad’s lap. She needs to learn.”

“Me whispering to Macy to remind her I’m still the favorite child.”

“Did we just become best friends?”

“Okay, I just warmed up to this 2-legged skin baby now you bring another guy into the picture? Who is this imposter?”

“Cool, I’m now a climbing play gym...”

“Dad telling me I’m a good boy while this nutso takes the center of attention again.”

“I have no idea where Macy learned that smile from...”

They are inseparable siblings.

Marshall is now almost 4 and Macy almost 2. They’ve had each other for 2 years and they still aren’t bored with each other.

Pure joy in one picture!

One of the things Macy loves (aside from food) is playing round and round the garden with Marshy, and then tickling him. Just look at how much they enjoy each other’s company!

Follow their adventures on Instagram at marshall_thegoldenr and maybe you’ll even see them doing what they love doing together, like exploring the outside and digging up Rachel’s garden.

Did you have a pet who was like a sibling to you growing up? Are your pets and children inseparable? Share your stories and pictures with us in the comments!


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I really like how we get to see their relationship as she grows up!


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