“You’re My Everything,” Kate Hudson Pays a Unique Tribute to Her Mother on Her 77th Birthday

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Kate Hudson sends her mother, Goldie Hawn, birthday greetings! She paid her mother a heartfelt tribute on Monday by posting several pictures with her on Instagram. So many other celebrities, like Chelsea Handler and Reese Witherspoon, among others, joined in celebrating the day in the comments.

Goldie Hawn turned 77 this year.

Hudson started her post by stating that she’s lucky to be able to celebrate her beautiful mother daily. November 21st was particularly notable because it was the day she was born. “I wonder if God knew what had been concocted in the stars to create this beaming light?”

Hudson is thankful for everything.

“I have a feeling it was by no accident that she shares this otherworldly lust for life and joyous spirit,” is how Hudson described her mom. “Be not fooled, my mother has depths that reach far beyond a tip toed dance through life.”

She said that her mom has challenged the toughest minds, stood tall for her worth, she “blazed trails for us to walk a little easier through and cut a lot of those weeds that love to scratch at women’s ankles trying to get us to turn back, she follows through during the toughest moments and never takes no for an answer.”

“You are my everything...”

Hudson states that her mother’s life is a treasure trove of wisdom that she feels deeply honored to know intimately. Most importantly, she always wanted and continues to aspire to be the best mother and grandmother. “And, well... let’s just say she’s winning at that.”

She finished her post with “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAMA G! You’re my everything,” making us feel all the feels beyond through our screens.

Her mom’s response was equally sweet.

Goldie Hawn saw her daughter’s post and replied: “My dearest, darling baby girl. Your message has brought me to tears. Your beautiful words have penetrated my soul that I will float on forever and ever. I love you with all of my heart.”

How old is your mother? What was the most memorable birthday you have celebrated with her?

Preview photo credit katehudson / Instagram


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