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16 Designers Who Proved Kindness Is the Key to Everyone’s Happiness

Companies exist because of their customers, so it’s always great to see when they try to accommodate their needs. It’s more and more often that we see designers come up with clever ideas that can make people’s lives easier or toys that are more inclusive.

We at Bright Side love to see when designers go the extra mile to give simple products ingenious upgrades and consider all of their customers’ needs.

1. “Wheelchair Barbie”

2. “This rentable electric scooter has Braille instructions.”

“It’s for reporting obstacles.” — smurf_professional/reddit

3. “This bathroom in DFW airport tells you which stalls are available.”

4. “This fan has strings that tell you what they do.”

5. “My local playground has a communication board so kids can interact and play if they are deaf or can’t speak the language.”

6. “My town has a bike pump permanently installed next to the bike lock-up area.”

7. “My microwave can remind me of dentist appointments and hair cuts.”

8. “This LEGO person has a seeing-eye dog.”

9. “My oven shows the time that you started cooking in case you didn’t set a timer.”

10. “My bracelet came with a paper clip to help fasten the clasp.”

11. “This is a Hot Wheels toy of a wheelchair athlete.”

12. “This toilet paper roll contains a mini paper roll to carry with you instead of a hollow cardboard roll!”

13. “This elevator has buttons for your feet so you don’t have to touch the buttons.”

14. “This ice alert that turns blue when it’s freezing”

15. You can choose the skin color of Santa on GAP socks.

16. “This LEGO set included a disabled figure and incorporates a wheelchair access ramp into the build.”

Have you ever found a clever product design that stood out from the rest? Share it with us in the comment section below.

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