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15 Examples of Children’s Logic That Can Disarm Any Adult

If you really want to color but don’t have a yellow crayon, don’t worry — you can just squeeze a lemon and it’ll have the same effect! Or rather, that’s what a 5-year-old thinks. Children’s logic is unbeatable and no arguments, however reasonable, will manage to change their minds!

The way kids think doesn’t always make sense. But we at Bright Side like to look at it as a breath of fresh air for us, adults!

1. “My girlfriend’s nephew playing hide and seek — he’s a tree.”

2. Who wouldn’t eat a “lemonade cake?”

3. “My daughter said the bagel wouldn’t fit in the toaster so I told her to cut it in half...”

4. Kids don’t tolerate any ambiguity!

5. “My daughter just turned 5 and got a $5-dollar-bill. She wanted to share it with her little brother.”

6. “Asked my son to grab me a tissue to blow my nose and this is literally what he brought back.”

7. Who knew?

8. “Today one of my fourth-grade students renamed himself ’reconnecting...’ to avoid participating in our lesson.”

9. “Now it’s a waste of time for both of us.”

10. “He wants to change his jacket because the snails will think he’s a giant leaf and eat him.”

11. “Preschool kid logic when it comes to vocal chords”

12. “This is my 4-year-old niece’s solution to fixing her ’broken ducky.’ I think she’s onto something.”

13. “According to my 6-year-old sister, monkey bars are family too.”

14. “My son wanted to feel like he had an important role in helping me cook. Told him to keep an eye on the oven tray...”

15. “If I squeeze this lemon, it will have the same effect as a yellow crayon. My 5-year-old brother did this tonight.”

Do you remember saying or doing something similar when you were a kid? Do your children sometimes amaze you with their killer logic?

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