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10 Summer Clothing Items That Can Ruin Even the Perfect Look

Fashion trends constantly change, quickly become outdated, and sometimes disappear in a blink of an eye. Like the tiny purse trend — would any of your friends be happy getting a bag as a present that only has enough space to hold their keys?

At Bright Side, we’re sometimes puzzled while looking at our shelves and closets packed with different items of clothing and shoes. It makes us wonder whether we can make a trendy look with them or not.


Stylists recommend swapping flats out for heeled sandals. And it’s not just about them being pretty. The problem is that flats make your body visually heavier, and they’re also bad for your health. These shoes can damage the arch of the foot, which can cause serious discomfort and result in a trip to the doctor’s office.

Tiny sunglasses

Tiny sunglasses are adored by Bella Hadid, but they really don’t suit everyone. Additionally, they can barely protect you from the sunlight. Stylists recommend replacing such glasses with retro aviators.

Ultra-short shorts

People passionately discuss online how long shorts should be to stop being beachwear and be considered casual wear. But now stylists recommend swapping out ultra-short shorts for longer cuts that can emphasize your body shape.

Graphic T-shirts

This season, graphic T-shirts should be swapped out for embellished tops. Let’s admit it, graphic T-shirts often looked childish, and they could even put you into an awkward situation where you don’t know what the caption on your shirt is since it’s written in a foreign language.

Tops, on the other hand, can have buttons, beaded necklines, and playful appliques. Stylists recommend pairing such tops with vintage jeans or cutoff shorts.

Socks with sandals

The boldest fashionistas used to follow this contradictory trend by wearing socks with open-toed shoes because it was a sure-fire way to attract attention. Nowadays, stylists recommend swapping out the socks-and-sandals look for more classic options or slip-on sneakers and heavy sandals.


Comfortable, elastic leggings have long stopped being merely sportswear for fitness clubs and gyms — they’ve become streetwear. However, stylists recommend swapping out leggings for a pair of wide-leg pants. After all, leggings are unreliable items of clothing that can emphasize even the slightest flaws of your body.

Neon colors

Stylists agree that only Billie Eilish can manage to make her neon-colored getups worthy of attention. But if you don’t want to get rid of bright colors in your wardrobe completely, experts recommend going for color-blocking, complementary colors, such as orange and purple. They will help you look stylish and bold.

Chunky jewelry

Chunky chain jewelry is not recommended for this season. Stylists say this jewelry is too heavy and “choke-like” for a light and elegant summer look. Chunky jewelry can be swapped out for modern pearl jewelry, especially when mixed with delicate chains or crafty beads.

Long tops

This season fashionistas revisited their wardrobes and got rid of long tops with pleasure. Those tops would often cover shorts, making the look appear too multi-layered. Stylists recommend going for baby tanks or something similar instead.

Mom jeans and skinny jeans

Recently, the world of denim has experienced major changes after the industry gradually moved from tight silhouettes to more voluminous and relaxed models. Low-waist jeans and pants with wide legs that make the silhouette appear visually longer without distorting body proportions have become more popular.

This is exactly what mom jeans, which were so popular a few years ago, lacked. As for skinny jeans, fashionistas and stylists are not happy with them since they’re similar to leggings in that they can emphasize the flaws of the body.

Do you follow fashion trends, or do you prefer to trust your own taste? Tell us in the comments below.

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