15 summer hairstyles you can create in 5 minutes

Summer is a great time to experiment with your style. But when the weather is really hot, girls prefer to braid their long hair or wear an ordinary ponytail. Unleash your creativity – you can look gorgeous even in the scorching heat!

Bright Side collected the most interesting hairstyles that can be done in just a few minutes.

A romantic hairstyle with a headscarf

1960s style

A tender hairstyle

A French twist in loose hair

A high fishtail bun

A Celtic knot

A horseshoe braid

An easy-to-do top knot

A cute twist ponytail

An elegant side-parted ponytail

A knot bun

A charming hairstyle

A knotted ponytail

A twisted ponytail

A chic hairstyle for naturally curly hair

Preview photo credit oncewed
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