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20+ Women Show Off the Stunning Wedding Dresses They Bought for a Bargain

Getting married can be an expensive event. Between the food, the venue, the invitations, and the dress, prices tend to go through the roof. Cutting them down seems like an impossible task because it’s the most special day of your life and you want everything to be perfect. However, there are some things you can do to stay within your budget. To prove it, the women in this new collection found a way to save money on one of the most crucial elements of their dream day: the dress.

Bright Side celebrates these brides’ finds, and it’s very clear that treasures can be hidden in stores, bazaars, and other places. Stumbling upon them is just a matter of luck. And at the end of the article in the bonus section, you’ll see a bride who only had to open her grandmother’s closet to find a very personal hidden gem.

1. “My under $800 wedding dress! It was such a fun dress. It was a Candyland-themed wedding.”

2. “I found THE dress! An Azazie Dulce BG sample dress — $170, including shipping!”

3. “I was nervous ordering a $100 wedding dress online... It came in and I couldn’t be happier!”

4. “I bought the dress for $320 total on eBay during Black Friday. The size matches my measurements and it’s already hemmed for my height. So I was like, ’Oh, what the heck, I’m gonna buy it and see.’ It turned out to be not too bad!”

5. “Bought a bridesmaid dress in ivory and covered it with a cape, all for under $400.”

6. “Saved $900 on my dress. The original price was $1,600, and I got it for $700. I am completely in love. I’m happy with how well the plain veil works with this dress. It doesn’t take away from the dress, but in a way, I feel like it enhances it.”

7. “I found my dream dress on ASOS for £325 ($450)! It was the first dress I saw after my engagement, and it was love at first sight!”

8. “I chose my wedding dress today! Paid under $500 with custom sizing and in champagne and ivory!!”

9. “I found a veil!!! I really just wanted something simple since my dress is so detailed, and Etsy wanted at least $90 for what I wanted. Found this gem on Amazon for $18. It’s cathedral length, ivory, raw-edge tulle, and I love it so much. I can’t wait to wear it in 69 days!!”

10. “I assembled the wedding dress of my dreams for $300!”

11. “Got married on Friday and this was my dress, only £160 ($220)!”

12. “Picked up my altered wedding dress from the tailor. The dress was $250, and the alterations were $140. Wedding is on Saturday and I’m so happy. I’m gonna be a beautiful bride without breaking the bank.”

13. “My dress came in from Bliss Gowns, it’s $200 and amazing.”

14. “Found my dream dress for $270!! Needle & Thread makes gorgeous, affordable dresses if you look at their non-bridal gowns and buy them at the end of the fashion season. I do have some alteration plans but generally love it!”

15. “Found my dress on sale a while ago for $180 on ASOS and I cannot stop trying it on when my fiancé isn’t around. 3 weeks to go!!”

16. “I took a chance on a $148 dress and couldn’t be happier.”

17. “Got a £1,800 ($2,500 USD) Madi-Lane dress for £400 ($555) in a sample sale!! Can’t wait to try it on again properly in a few months!”

18. “Had the first fitting for my $600 wedding dress this weekend! Fits almost perfectly and I’m so excited about my dress.”

19. “Found my dress on attempt 3. $200 at Brides for a Cause! We finally set a date and started planning, and this makes it feel so real.”

20. “Here’s the dress by Needle & Thread I wore for my courthouse elopement. It was under $400!”

21. “Facebook marketplace score for $225!”

22. “Guys, I said yes for $450, originally $3,000. It was the first dress I tried on.”

23. “While no cramped room selfie can do anyone’s dress justice, I am rather proud of my $43 wedding gown and hope you love it as much as I do!”

24. “Found the perfect dress for only $110!! I had a $1,000 budget, tried on 20+ dresses, and kept coming back to this one. It was on sale for $119 plus 10% off at David’s Bridal!”

25. “Found this vintage dress on Etsy, and it still needs to be pressed and hemmed, but I’m in love! $180!”

26. “THANK YOU to whoever posted about the Jenny Yoo sample sale. I impulse bought this dress for $200 and love it!”

27. “I found this $88 Lulus dress at the thrift store for $20. Perfect fit. I can’t wait to wear it for my rehearsal dinner!!”

Bonus: “Our micro 9/26/2020 wedding! Wearing my grandmother’s dress from when she married my grandfather in 1956.”

Do you remember where you bought your wedding dress and how much you had to pay for it? What did you like the most about this garment?

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