A German Teenager Creates Mesmerizing Hairstyles That Look Like Crocheted Patterns

Milena Diekmann is a 17-year-old self-taught hairstylist. She got a huge blast of inspiration, and hair, whether it’s blond or brunette, ginger or unicorn-colored, is the wonderful canvas where she creates bewitching patterns. The hairstyles that she does, resemble macramé, basket weaving styles, and even crocheted and knit patterns.

We at Bright Side truly believe that the beauty of human hair can shine and sparkle when in the nimble hands of a gifted stylist, and we invite you to take a look at how Milena revives ordinary haircuts with dazzling patterns.

It all started with easier hairstyles and soon grew into a real passion.

As Milena said in her interview with Bright Side, she’s always enjoyed long hair, and one day she started doing simple braiding. But suddenly, she ran out of ideas and this was the push for her to start experimenting with complex and unusual styles.

The techniques she’s using are super-intricate.

The braiding styles that Milena loves practicing are called “scissor waterfall braids” and “basket weave braids.” The names already suggest to us that after the magic of the stylist’s hands is finished, our hair can turn into a woven composition with many stitches, that resemble the way people make baskets from bamboo or honeysuckle.

Currently, Milena is the hairstylist and she’s her own model.

Milena uses wigs to demonstrate her braiding skills, and after a hairstyle is ready, she tries the wig on herself. Her dream is to become very famous one day and to do the hair of celebrities or work as a wedding stylist, turning every girl’s special day into a fabulous and stylish event.

Her hard work and talent have not gone unnoticed.

This young stylist is getting a lot of praise and attention on Instagram. She’s been noticed by popular influencers and some famous people and iconic beauty trademark representatives have even admired her lovely hairstyles. She admits that it’s hard work, that demands a ton of daily inspiration, good time management, vigor, and a lot of practice — but at the end of the day, it’s all worth it.

Among all of the hairstyles that she has done, she has certain ones that have become her talismans.

She started doing complex hairstyles in 2019, and after just one year, in 2020, her Instagram account already has over 30,000 subscribers. She never forgets to say, “Thank you” to those who come to her page and admire her work in the comments.

Her favorite hairstyle so far is one called “crisscross basket weave braid,” this is also one of the most demanded hairstyles on her Instagram page, because it has over 20,000 likes so far and many reposts.

Just like a true artist, she likes to teach others how to do these lovely hairstyles.

Milena works from home and her studio is her bedroom. But this hasn’t been an obstacle for her in making video tutorials for those who get inspired by her styling talent and would like to try the techniques on their own. Some of her videos collect over 200,000 views, which proves that real art and talent will never go unnoticed.

Do you do your hair yourself or prefer to go to a stylist? What’s the haircut that you are extremely proud of and that makes you look fantastic? We’d love to see your hair transformations too.

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