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10 Products That Will Help You Be the Best Parent You Can Be

It is no secret that, as parents, we want the best for our children and try to do everything we can for them. But did you know that even the name we give our child can affect how well they do in school or how successful their career will be when they grow up? It’s pretty amazing! And there are hundreds of these things in the world that can affect what our children will grow up to be.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be the perfect parent (because no one is). Having the right tools and products by your side can make all the difference in helping you be the best parent you can be and make a big difference in your children’s lives.

1. This baby cream is so good, it’s practically magic. It’s steroid-free and fragrance-free, making it perfect for even the most sensitive skin. Plus, it’s not just for babies—adults and older kids can use it too! A little goes a long way thanks to its thick and lotion-like texture.

Promising review: I love the lotion. It works great on my baby. His eczema is almost gone. I tried all of the other baby lotions, and this one works the best for his skin.
Also, my husband uses it on his cracked working hands. He’s always washing his hands, and that causes them to crack. With this lotion, his hands are starting to heal nicely. I will continue to buy this for my family and recommend it to other friends and family. @Breanna

2. If your little Houdini is constantly trying to pull an escape act from their car seat, this anti-escape harness is here to save the day. It ensures that your kiddo won’t be able to get their arms out, and no matter how much they fiddle with the clip, they won’t be able to undo it. You will finally have some peace of mind on your car rides.

Promising review: I love this product. My little boy is quite the escape artist, and no matter how much I tighten the straps, the little pickle still manages to get his arms out and stand up. I use this on the highchair, car seat, and pram, and it’s the best thing I’ve bought. Thank you, I can’t praise you enough. @blondie275

3. This magnetic reward chart is specially designed to make rewarding your child’s good behavior quick and easy while also being super fun. With so many chores printed and the option to write specific ones yourself, you’ll never run out of ways to motivate your kids. And who knows—maybe your kid will start behaving like an angel.

Promising review: My favorite thing about this is that the magnets are so strong! It never moves around on the refrigerator.
The pictures are adorable, and the included chores are pretty good options. We wrote in a few of our own chores with the provided pens. I would recommend it! @Merith Hall

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4. No more tantrums before bed with this time tracker that your kids will actually want to use. Not only does it offer a countdown using colors, but it also has bright lights and makes a sound each time it changes segments. This means your kids will know exactly how much time they have left to complete their set activity.

Promising review: I have a young kiddo with ADHD and was recommended this product by a therapist. It’s really effective at helping him transition from playtime into dinner, bedtime, etc. It’s 10 fewer conflicts a week for us just with this tool. I can’t recommend it enough. @Adam M. Roth

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5. If you are tired of your little ones squeezing food pouches and making a huge mess, then this multipurpose holder will be your lifesaver. It securely locks in all major brands of baby food pouches and even most brands of applesauce and yogurt pouches, so you can say goodbye to constantly cleaning up food and juice from all over the house.

Promising review: I don’t know what we did before these — they are absolutely amazing! My daughter loves them because she likes to be independent and feed herself. I love them because I can just give her a pouch in one of these and let her eat it herself without worrying about her making a huge mess. I 100% recommend these! @Hayley Bees

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6. Toothpaste caps are the ultimate solution for parents who have to deal with the icky mess left behind after the kid uses the toothpaste. These self-sealing caps will help you keep that toothpaste buildup and mess off your counter.

Promising review: So far, so good! Keeps the kid’s toothpaste nice and clean, and the sink too! Totally worth it.
The soft silicone cap fits snugly over average and kid’s tubes. I 100% recommend this ingenious little cap. It’s the little things like this that make my day! @Amazon Customer

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7. If you are tired of your little one barging into forbidden rooms like a tiny tornado, then use this door handle lock that’ll keep your kid out of trouble. It comes with a sticky pad, so you can avoid any property damage and be sure that you won’t be getting charged for a new door.

Promising review: Absolutely amazing product. My 3-year-old can unlock the front door, which then allows my 2-year-old to walk out into the driveway. Since having this child lock, they cannot open the door. It’s quite amusing, as other family members and visitors have no idea how to open the lock once this is on, either.
Initially, it’s a 2-handed technique to lock and unlock, but once you’re a pro, you’ll manage with one hand and a baby in the other. We have had them for about 12 months now, and they have still stayed stuck down. Excellent adhesion. A must-buy for all parents of young children! @Kelly-Yorkshire

8. Your mornings will go a whole lot smoother with this detangling hairbrush. Say bye-bye to tears, screams, and tangles. With its unique cone-shaped plastic bristles, it works sideways to gently unravel even the toughest tangles without digging into the scalp or ripping out hair.

Promising review: Our mornings have gotten so much easier since getting this brush. I was skeptical, but we now get through hair combing and styling without a single “owie” let alone big tears! I have been using the brush on my own hair too, and I have noticed that I have less breakage and pulled-out hair when I’m done.
It works well on dry, damp, or wet hair. I’m very happy to have made this purchase! @Chantz

9. This refillable sunscreen applicator will keep you out of the dreaded sunscreen battle with your kids. It applies smoothly and evenly, saving you a ton of sunscreen. Plus, you can even use it on yourself if you don’t want to get your hands oily.

Promising review: I’m so pleased with this sunscreen roll-on. I bought it for my 6-year-old to take to school, so she can apply sun cream on sunny days. We squished plenty of our favorite sun cream (Tesco’s own brand Soleil) into the bottle — it’s the only one that doesn’t leave us looking like ghosts but doesn’t come in a roll-on! My daughter used it right away and loves it.
The sponge applicator works well. A great way to encourage kids to apply their own cream! Really fun! @Miss Lou Mack

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10. You can say goodbye to crumb-covered floors with this snack catcher. This spill-proof container features soft flaps for easy food access, making it perfect for your little one to move around and be independent with their snacks.

Promising review: These Munchkin snack cups are great. They prevent children from spilling their snacks all over the place. Also, it makes traveling easier and helps keep cars clean by stopping accidental spills.
I like them so much that I ordered more for my grandbaby and my niece. Definitely recommend. @veronica

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