10 Discounted Products That’ll Definitely Help Your Kids Be More Independent

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Encouraging independence in children is critical for their growth and development, and providing them with the appropriate tools and products can be an excellent way to do this.

There are many products available to assist children in learning and developing new skills, allowing them to perform tasks by themselves and gain confidence in their abilities.

1. Play and learn with this miniature Dyson ball replica — perfect for young cleaning enthusiasts!

The miniature Dyson ball replica is ideal for young kids who enjoy helping out around the house or simply enjoying your company while cleaning. It not only serves as a fun and entertaining toy, but also aids in teaching kids the value of maintaining a neat living environment. With a lightweight, user-friendly design that is ideal for small hands, this lifelike imitation of the well-known Dyson Ball vacuum cleaner was created with kids in mind. Children can play imaginatively, improve their motor skills, and learn the value of cleanliness and organization with the Miniature Dyson Ball Replica.

Promising preview:

  • My son loves hoovering with this. A great little toy for my 2-year-old to help me vacuum the house! He goes straight for this toy every time he hears my real Hoover turn on. It’s lightweight and easy for him to push, just like a real Dyson. He’s thrown it around quite a bit, and the quality seems to be very good.
    I also love that the switch to control suction is on the back, so my toddler hasn’t figured out how to turn it on himself and waste the batteries. He can blow the little sponge pieces inside the plastic cylinder around by pressing the top button. This is really all he needs to be happy with it. As you can expect for a little toy, the suction isn’t great, and it won’t pick up much other than a few hairs. Overall, this was a great buy! @A Jalali

2. The pink toy washing machine will spark your child’s imagination and is ideal for little helpers.

If you are looking for a toy that your child will love and use regularly, then the pink toy washing machine should be at the top of your list. Not only does it come in a fun color, but it also has features that make it ideal for children. For example, enticing lights & sound effects. Plus, its cute design makes it easy for children to use on their own.

Promising review:

  • Brilliant! I bought this for my daughter for Christmas to go with her kitchen. It is brilliant. She loves how it spins and makes all the same sounds as her mother’s. She’s always changing the settings on mine, so I’m glad she has her own now.
    She put her socks in it and watched them spin away! Cute little washing basket too. It is small, but it’s realistic otherwise, does what you would expect, and fits perfectly under her kitchen sink. All the buttons make a different sound: spin, rinse, and wash. Very happy and would recommend it to my friends with little kids. @sarah

3. Get your little helper cleaning with this toy cleaning trolley — spark their imagination and develop essential skills!

Your child can enjoy pretending to be a cleaning superhero, pushing their trolley around the house, and collecting all the clutter. This toy will provide hours of entertainment for your child while also helping them develop important life skills, thanks to its colorful design and fun accessories, which include a broom, a mop, and cleaning solution.

Promising review:

  • Kids will love it. I bought this for my son when he was 18 months old because he was clearly struggling with the power washer for the patio. And the VAX carpet cleaner was only resulting in puddles of solution that he simply splashed in like some kind of demented moron.
    His eyes lit up when the item arrived, and he played with it for a few days solid. He would run around with the mop (minus the felt head, just the smooth plastic bit) up and down the house, which was great for him, and he really enjoyed it. Soon after, 2 things became apparent: 1) Nothing was actually getting cleaned. 2) His interest in cleaning was on the wane.
    As an interesting development after this, he did discover that most of the items were perfect for attempting to hit the cats with. And he also learned the art of “knowing what you can and can’t crawl through” as he tried and failed to crawl through the trolley and got stuck and cried. I eventually freed him after some laughter, and I don’t think it traumatized him too much.
    Overall, it’s a really great product for your kids. Just don’t expect it to get much cleaner, as kids just don’t have the discipline, desire, or OCD to keep anything clean and tidy. I’ve returned to a life of living in dirt and filth as a result. @Mark

4. With the water spray function, this iron for toddlers can easily provide a fun and realistic experience.

Toddlers enjoy playing and having fun, but they can be destructive when left unsupervised. Your toddler can have a lot of fun playing with the water spray function on this iron without worrying about causing damage to furniture or other possessions. Ironing with the water spray function is also a great way to help your toddler develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Promising review:

  • Just like the real thing (ish). This is such great quality and really looks the part. It needs to be a little bigger to be in proportion to a 3/4-year-old’s hands, but still, it looks great. @J.R.

5. Perfect knives for kids—safe and functional, providing hours of entertainment.

Kids enjoy exploring and learning about new things, and one of the best ways to do so is to investigate the world of knives and cutting boards. Knives can be used for a variety of tasks, including cooking and crafting.

And, with the right knives, your child can have a realistic experience while also learning critical safety skills. Here are 3 safe, functional knives for kids that will keep them entertained for hours.
Don’t forget about yourself! Here, are some cool kitchen gadgets that can really upgrade your cooking process.

Promising review:

  • Great product!!!! Lovely knives for toddlers! When my son became interested in cutting fruits and vegetables, he began to use a knife. He loves it, and he found the right way to cut.
    Highly recommended for kids. I found it easy to show my child how to hold it. Nice shape and color! @Theocharis

6. A Bosch coffee machine: a fun way to involve kids in the morning routine.

Mornings can be difficult for children because they are sleepy and sometimes don’t even understand why everybody is rushing around. However, if you have a Bosh coffee maker in your home, they can be eased into the morning routine more smoothly. They can not only enjoy watching the coffee maker work, but they can also help prepare their breakfast in the morning!

Promising review:

  • Nice toy. You can fill the tank with water, and it runs through at the push of a button. It does not make any noise, but for this, it does not need batteries. The water function makes up for the missing sounds in my daughter’s eyes.
    It has been working on its own for a long time since the child’s transfer. Anyone who has no problem with the water wiping afterward will be satisfied. I bought it on sale. I would not have paid the OVP of around 15 euros for it. @Amazon Kunde

7. Gemeer children’s cooking and baking set—a great investment in kids’ independence

Cooking captivates children, and with the right tools, they can learn basic cooking techniques and begin preparing their own meals. This cooking set is an excellent way for children to begin learning about cooking. This inventive tool includes a set of kitchen tools that children can use to prepare simple meals like pasta or rice. Children can learn about various kitchen ingredients, how to prepare basic dishes, and how to troubleshoot common cooking mistakes.

Promising review:

  • Kids baking set. Purchased for our great-granddaughter for Christmas, so have not yet seen it, but based on the video, she will be overjoyed when she puts on the chef’s hat and apron and has her own set of items.
    Would definitely recommend and purchase it again. Very good value for the money. Arrived in good time for Christmas. @Lizzie

8. With a wash-up kitchen sink play set, you can encourage your children’s imagination while also teaching them how to clean and wash up.

Kitchen sinks for kids are perfect for learning. Not only it will help them keep their space clean, but it will also teach them basic organizational skills. Plus, having a designated place for food will help discourage picky eating habits.

If you’re looking for some other ideas on how to help your kids learn to clean properly, this article is definitely for you.

Promising review:

  • Worth it. Such a nice little sink. My little one loves it and would play with it all day, but I can only handle so much mess, lol.
    It comes with lots of wee accessories, which are good but a bit too small for an 18-month-old, so she plays with the cups and plates, and she has no problem pushing the pump to get water out. Definitely worth the investment. @Ally

9. A set of Montessori screwdrivers is good for practicing tool use and having fun.

You’ll be pleased to know that there are a set of screwdrivers for kids that come with safety features. These sets offer a variety of tools that are perfect for your budding mechanic, including a screwdriver and a wrench. And not only do these sets come with safety features, but they’re also educational and good for developing fine motor skills!

Promising review:

  • Great kit. I was really impressed by how solid this was. It will certainly stand the test of time.
    My 19-month-old knew what to do straight away (put things in holes), although it will take time to get the finer details (match tools up to things), so it’s got longevity.
    The appropriate amount of packaging is also required so that it can live in the box and take up little space. A useful addition to our house when he goes nuts every time we get a screwdriver out—now he has his own! He is a particular fan of Allen keys too. Basically, this set covers it all. @Vicky D

10. Spark your child’s imagination and help them learn responsibility with this dishwasher play set!

With this play set, your child can learn how to take care of their play dishes, just like how adults take care of real dishes at home. Kids can learn how to sort various sorts of plates, practice loading and unloading the dishwasher, set a timer, and select a mode for their dishes.

Promising preview:

  • Ticks all the boxes, excellently. Press the controls, and it makes all the noises just like a dishwasher. Very good. @Dave Gray

Sometimes just having the right environment isn’t enough, and it’s great to have some ideas that you can include in your lifestyle too. Here are 2 earlier articles (one and two), where you can find out more tips about growing an independent child or simply refresh your memory. And with help of these and other gadgets, you can help your kids learn household chores at any age.

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