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The 7 Best Food Processors You Can Get on Amazon

Owning a food processor can feel like having a personal assistant in the kitchen that can cut our food prep time in half. But knowing what kind of tasks your assistant will do for you can prove crucial when choosing the right device. Some of them are great for making soups and sauces, while others are excellent for chopping and kneading. Another thing to keep in mind is how often you’re planning on using it.

We at Bright Side did research based on the percentage of positive user ratings and created a list of the 7 best food processors you can get on Amazon now.

1. Ninja 3-in-1 food processor and blender

Buy the Ninja food processor on Amazon now.

Amazingly versatile, good quality, all-in-one food processor that will satisfy even those with very high expectations. Unlike other items on the list, this one features an automatic function that initiates a pattern of blending and pausing with just one click. It comes with a 2.1L jug, 1.8 L bowl, 700 ml cup with lid, and a variety of stainless-steel blades, including a pro extractor blade, chopping blade, stacked blade, slicing/grating disc, and dough tool, plus an excellent recipe guide. Given its size, this one is great for processing large quantities of food.

The biggest advantage of this powerful, professional-grade device is its incredible power that will allow you to process any kind of food, from nuts and seeds to fruit and vegetables and even ice. Not only does it have a variety of automatic functions, but it’s also super-easy to use. A fantastic purchase for those who need a strong all-in-one food processor every day.

Due to its many small parts, some users found it harder to clean. Also, the spice/coffee grinder attachment has to be purchased separately.

User reviews

  • This is by far the best and most robustly built product I have had. Really durable and wow what a performance with the powerful 1200-watt motor within minutes. Mr. Ruchir Gupta / Amazon
  • So quick to use. So far, I’ve used it for blending smoothies, chopping up veg, preparing burgers, making pizza dough, and making brownie mix! It’s been really versatile, and it has good safety features like the suction cups to stick to the sides and will only work once all the pieces are correctly fitted. shantaye / Amazon

2. Bosch MultiTalent 8 food processor

Buy the Bosch Multi Talent food processor on Amazon now.

Aside from the XXL size bowl and a blender, the accessories include a dough tool, a whisk, reversible slicing, grating discs, a citrus press, as well as a French fry disc. It’s available in 3 different motor power capacities: 1200 W, 700 W, and 800 W, so you can easily pick the one that’s just right for you. Unlike most other food processors, this one handles both hot and cold stuff really well.

If you’re looking for a food processor that will handle moderate-level cooking perfectly, it’s exactly the right machine to choose. It has more than 50 functions and sharp blades that will make dressings and sauces, and handle chopping and emulsifying with ease. It’s also suitable for hot and cold food. Considering all the attachments and functions, it’s a great value for the money.

Some of you may find it a bit noisy. Also, if you are looking for more versatile grating options, you should know that this Bosch food processor only comes with fine and coarse grating, but not the medium one.

User reviews

  • I chose this one based on reviews, but also due to its small size. I’ve been very pleasantly surprised at how good it is. All routine chopping, slicing, and grating it does fine. It is very easy to disassemble, so cleaning it is really easy. It also came with a blender included, which has been a real bonus. I didn’t realize how useful it would be. And the way everything packs into the mixing bowl is genius. Even with the extra blender and spice grinder, it still takes up less space than my previous processor. Amazon Customer / Amazon
  • This is the best food processor I have ever used! I’m a professional Chef and have worked with every type of model out there, from the cheap to the expensive — this one takes the cake! The grating and slicing disks sit up close to the inside of the lid, efficiently processing ingredients without leaving bits stuck, the large bowl gives room for large mixes and quantities, and the attachments are easy to change over. This is a noisy machine, but it gets the job done and for a great price. Alanna / Amazon

3. Russell Hobbs 24732 Desire Food Processor

Buy the Russell Hobbs food processor on Amazon now.

This solid little kitchen gadget holds much more power with its 600 W motor than it seems. It grinds basically anything, except for coffee beans and very hard grains. It comes with 5 different attachments, so its versatility is quite impressive.

This Russell Hobbs food processor model is the perfect combination of amazing performance and sleek design. While it may not be as powerful as other devices on this list, it will handle slicing, chopping, beating, and even creaming with ease. It’s well-made and quite affordable too.

The only downside could be a relatively low capacity of 1.5 liters within the 2.5 L bowl.

User reviews

  • It was a gift for my son, who loves cooking. So pleased with it. Love the compact size and design. All accessories fit inside the bowl. Real space saver. JET1953 / Amazon
  • Nothing to dislike about it so far. I used the liquidizer attachment for soup, and it’s very efficient, quick, and easy to use. I have yet to use the rest of the equipment, but so far it’s an efficient and well-designed processor. I intend to enjoy using it in my kitchen. Jennifer / Amazon

4. Cuisinart Pro mini chopper and food processor

Buy the Cuisinart food processor on Amazon now.

The 900 ml bowl is sized for a variety of purposes, from chopping an onion in seconds, to pureeing baby food, to creating delicious dips and dressings. With its ability to process harder ingredients like nuts, cinnamon sticks, hard chocolate, and even coffee beans, this model is very versatile yet compact. Its pulse buttons will create a perfect consistency of both chopping and grinding. It may not feature as many bells and whistles as some other food processors on the list, but it’s a great option for simple, everyday tasks.

If you’re looking for a food processor that is not too big yet can cover all of your daily cooking needs, this one may be just the right choice for you. It’s well-designed, intuitive to use, powerful, and stable.

According to some reviews, it may be a bit tricky to lock into place.

User reviews

  • Small but mighty. I use this for making hummus — it’s brilliant. The ’chop’ and ’grind’ buttons rotate the blade in opposite directions for maximum effect. The bowl takes a can of chickpeas and about half a can of other ingredients with ease. I love the fact that the bowl and blade can go in the dishwasher, unlike a previous model I owned. I am delighted I bought this. Moira / Amazon
  • Chef’s advice: This is more powerful than most and well-made... it’s a MINI food processor for chopping herbs, nuts, and making pesto, and it’s NOT big enough for pasta, bread dough, or pastries or designed for that. Not the cheapest machine but worth its price tag and a very handy gadget to have, 10/10. Keith Batchelor / Amazon

5. Magic Bullet food processor

Buy Magic Bullet on Amazon now

This one is a go-to food processor for those who are looking for simplicity and functionality. It’s sleek and compact, takes up very little space, but can chop, blend, grind, and grate just as successfully as any of the bigger models. It comes with a re-sealable stay fresh lid that makes it easy to store leftovers. What also makes it very handy is the fact that all cups and lids are microwave and dishwasher-safe.

This ’’countertop food prep magician’’ is a budget-friendly option for those who need a small but powerful food processor. This lightweight device can easily replace multiple kitchen appliances with no fuss thanks to its versatility.

It has a relatively small capacity, so if you are looking for a family-sized or XXL type of processor, maybe you should consider other options. While it handles frozen stuff really well, it’s not suitable for hot food.

User reviews

  • Great blender. I have used it for smoothies using frozen fruit and soups so far and am impressed with how quickly it blends. When using frozen fruit, you have to be careful to make sure everything is blended. It’s best to check the contents and then shake it to ensure everything is pureed. Sylvia B / Amazon
  • I absolutely love this and have used it every day. It’s small and easy to use, doesn’t take up much space on the worktop, and is easy to clean compared to my old jug blender. Makes lovely smoothies, even blending nuts and carrots smoothly. I’ve used it for hummus, salsa, and other dips as well. Like the recipe booklet that comes with it. Louise / Amazon

6. Kenwood food processor

Buy the Kenwood food processor on Amazon now.

A powerful food processor with a pulse function that will have all your culinary requirements covered. It has a superfast option for emulsifying, which is great for drinks, like smoothies and milkshakes, but there are also grating, chopping, and mixing functions.

It even deals with spices and nuts without any problems. Reversible shredding and slicing discs are perfect for grating potatoes and cheese. Excellent stability and safety are a huge plus.

If you are into baking, you’ll surely like this Kenwood food processor. With its powerful performance, it can easily handle anything from slicing vegetables to grinding nuts. Plus, it’s well-designed and easy to store.

This food processor may not be so great for making very smooth blends, like dips and sauces. Some users also mentioned that this model may be a bit louder.

User reviews

  • I have used it for multiple other tasks, including chopping meat, onions, etc., and shredding. It makes short work of most ingredients, and the blender is good too. I make lots of smoothies, all include ice, and I do always tend to add ice about 4-5 cubes at a time. This blender had no issues with this. It is a powerful little beast of a machine, my new best buy for the kitchen, and I would recommend it to anyone. Good price for a good bit of equipment. Zee / Amazon
  • This was my second Kenwood Food Processor, the first one lasted for more than 15 years. This model is almost identical, but is more difficult to lock shut — you have to make sure you hear a loud click before switching it on. I sometimes find it a bit of a struggle to unlock it, but I will still rate it highly because I love its compactness and the efficiency with which it mixes cakes and pastry dough, and grates and slices vegetables. P. Mac / Amazon

7. Geepas compact food processor

Buy the Geepas food processor on Amazon now.

This sturdy, 1.2 L capacity food processor has simple controls and manual settings with removable dishwasher-safe parts. It comes with a chopping blade, emulsifying disc, dough blade, fine grater, coarse grater, and slicing blade. There are 2 different speed modes. “Speed 1” for soft ingredients & “Speed 2” is well-suited to chop onions or shred, slice, grate, or rasp vegetables and the pulse function allows you to knead dough and ground meat easily and efficiently. Despite its sharp blades, it’s not recommended for chopping nuts.

Though it may not be a well-known brand, like other food processors on the list, this one is robust and powerful and sits on the countertop nicely without taking up too much space. It may not be as sturdy as others food processors, but it’s great for occasional use.

Some reviewers reported that the instructions are somewhat unclear. Not suitable for very hard stuff, like nuts.

User reviews

  • This is a great food processor. Just the right size for me. Easy storage and so clever that all the attachments can be stored in the top section. Does exactly what it should. Looks great on the counter if that’s where you’d store it. Very sleek design and color, and looks a lot more expensive than its price. Andie / Amazon
  • It does everything I need it to, hummus, bean burgers, falafel, date fudge brownies, etc. chopped onions/veg without a problem. Easy to clean, straightforward to use with no fussing about changing containers/blades, etc. Would highly recommend it if you want a powerful ’non-gadgety’ food processor. Mand / Amazon

To help you decide which product would be the right choice for your needs, check out the table summary below.

What do you usually make in your food processor? If you have any genius recipes where a good food processor is a must, share them with us in the comments.

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