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14 Useful Tricks From People Who Think Outside the Box

You can find a solution to almost any problem if you use your imagination to the fullest. The people this article is about know how to think outside the box and they find new solutions, even in situations where nothing else works.

We at Bright Side are sure that these genius and simple tricks will be useful for you too. Every person wants to try to make their life as simple as possible.

“My sister is not allowed to use the phone at night because she won’t sleep. But I noticed that she does this... And our parents haven’t noticed a thing.”

A simple way to get rid of old cat litter

Salt and water help to remove super glue.

Use bobby pins to untie stubborn shoelaces.

A neat way to get away with an undone task

“My boss ties pieces of paper with notes to himself onto his hoodie so he remembers to look at them later.”

You can put marks on your nail to help yourself measure little details.

Don’t throw away the spices they bring in food deliveries. Just fill up your spice jars with them.

“Keep track of bobby pins! I noticed this in our bathroom, my wife is a smart woman!”

“Hide some money behind your phone case or in the battery compartment, just in case you ever forget your wallet.”

Storing seed packets in a photo album is very convenient.

Put a rubber band around the inside of the pockets of your shorts and you never have to worry about your phone or keys on a run.

If your wrench is too big, fill the gap with a coin or a screwdriver.

An unusual trick from a jealous girlfriend

What rare tricks do you use? And which of these will you definitely use after reading this article?

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