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7 Skincare Products That Are Actually Less Helpful Than We Thought

There is a better solution for blackheads than using pore strips. Pore vacuums can even make the situation with your skin worse. To avoid these problems, you need some dermatological tips that professionals have been checking for years.

We at Bright Side are here for you to protect your beauty and skin and share info we found about some skincare products that are not very effective.

1. Blackhead pore strips

Blackhead pore strips are not actually as effective as we think they are. Basically, they only remove the top layer of dead skin cells and blackheads. In addition, they are harmful and can hurt your skin. It’s okay to use them around once a month, but you’re not treating the underlying problem.
Instead, use products with retinoids and exfoliants with salicylic acid.

2. Jade rollers

Jade rollers, according to dermatologists, are overrated nowadays. There is nothing bad about them, of course, but it’s more just a thing for people who like experiences and experiments. They are not that effective and don’t make your skin smooth and shiny. The only thing is that they can help to get rid of extra fluid, but you can do just a normal face massage instead.

3. Products with vitamin E

There is nothing harmful about Vitamin E, but it’s just useless to buy skincare products with this single ingredient. It’s okay to have it only if it’s mixed with other ingredients.

4. Toners

Historically, toners were used to strip the skin after shaving, for example. So if you use a good facial cleanser and use a toner after that, it won’t have a positive effect. Dermatologists say you can just skip this step.

5. Cleansing brushes

There are many devices on the market now for cleansing your skin like, for example, rotating brushes. Unfortunately, they harbor a lot of bacteria. These brushes also produce extra vibrations which means that they can actually harm your skin. It’s better to use soft scrubs and chemical exfoliation to avoid problems with your skin.

6. Expensive moisturizer

Just a basic moisturizer can be okay for you because basically there is no big difference between expensive and cheaper versions. But it should be a professionally tested brand anyway. Yes, it can be with a smell or without a smell, but a moisturizer is just a moisturizer.

7. Pore vacuum

Basically, a pore vacuum lifts out all the junk from your pores including oils and dead skin, but the underlying problem remains unsolved. There is also a side effect. The junk and oils accumulate even faster after that and your skin might get even worse.

It’s better to go to a professional dermatologist that can pick a procedure for you based on your type of skin. Also, you can use skin cleansing products with retinoids, salicylic acid, and niacinamide.

What tips will you use in the future? How do you treat your skin?

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