16 Adorable Photos That Prove Animals Can Be Friends Too

According to scientists, only a few species are capable of friendship such as higher primates, horses, elephants, dolphins, and bats. Yet there are many adorable examples of animals outside of this list that support each other and enjoy each others’ company.

At Bright Side, we tried to collect examples and touching stories on the Internet to show how loving and caring animals can be. Look through this list all the way through to the end for your daily dose of cuteness.

1. Best friends who grew up together

This is what happens when 2 puppies grow up together: they become not only brothers but best friends for life.

2. Two stray puppies in Vietnam adopted by monks

These 2 stray puppies had been wandering around the streets in Vietnam until they were taken into the temple by monks. The larger dog often takes the smaller one in his paws to watch over him. It is hard to check whether the story of these puppies is true though, as there are many conflicting versions on the Internet. But all these stories agree on one fact: this is an example of true friendship.

3. A baby rhino and a little sheep

This Baby boy rhino, Marang has made a new friend: a little sheep named Elsa. They both lost their mothers but found each other.

4. These cats have been inseparable since they were kittens.

5. A cat and a fox playing together

This odd couple was spotted by a fisherman on the shores of Lake Van in Turkey. The cutest thing about this is that they have been seen playing together multiple times.

6. An unlikely cat-rat friendship became a reality.

Did you know that rats and cats could be friends? This is exactly the case with Galaxy and Bernie. When Bernie, the rat, appeared in the family, he immediately started following Galaxy around, and she didn’t mind. Now they play and sleep together, and are truly inseparable.

7. This pit bull loves carrying his blind friend around on walks.

When Kristina Helfer took Tito, a 16-year-old sick and blind Chihuahua home, she did not know how happy the dog would soon become. Frank, a pit bull Kristina adopted a couple of years ago, immediately liked Tito. When Tito recovered from his sickness he started going for walks with Frank, sitting comfortably in a little side pack on his friend’s body.

8. A duck and a dog who are inseparable

A Pekin duck named Rudy is really fond of his best friend, a golden retriever named Barclay. According to their owner, they developed their friendship from a love-hate relationship, and in the beginning, they often enjoyed chasing each other around. Now, Rudy does not allow the other 7 ducks living with the family to approach Barclay.

9. These dogs adore cuddling each other.

The older dog obviously loves hugging, and the younger one doesn’t seem to mind.

10. Going on a trip together

This 8-year-old cat and the 11-month-old pup are sharing a ride with their owner who took them on their first cross-country road trip. According to him, the trip was amazing and both animal friends did fine.

11. The lovely bearded dragon and cat duo

The female bearded dragon named Charles and Baby, the cat formed an unlikely but adorable friendship. Charley enjoyed how warm Baby was, and Baby liked the lizard’s texture. Unfortunately, Charles died in 2016, but since then, Baby has “babysat” 3 other bearded lizards.

12. Inseparable adventure buddies

Henry the dog and Baloo the cat live in Colorado and love exploring the world together, going backpacking and canyoneering with their owners. The adventurous duo has become so popular, you can even buy souvenirs (stickers, prints, and magnets) with their images on them.

13. A sweet but wild couple

The story of these animal friends is really sad: Baloo (a North American black bear), Shere Khan (a Bengal tiger) and Leo (a lion) were rescued in 2001 from a drug dealer who kept them as pets when they were only a few months old. The trio ended up in an animal sanctuary called Noah’s Ark. Sadly, Leo passed away in 2016, but Baloo and Shere Khan are still together.

14. A dog and its parrot friend

It’s hard to believe, but this friendly golden retriever named Bob is best friends with 8 birds and a hamster, all living in the same house. He doesn’t even seem to mind when his buddies are all over him, and they often take naps together.

15. A cat who likes going horseback riding

The horse, Champy, and the cat, Morris, were both adopted by their owner, and they quickly became inseparable. Champy started grooming Morris, and after a week of getting used to his new environment and new friend, Morris felt confident enough to jump on his back. This adorable couple often goes for long walks together and has a bunch of fans on both Instagram, and Facebook.

16. The adorable friendship between a German Shepherd and his cat friend

Baron is a young German Shepherd whose best friend for life is a cat named Alvin. The duo spends their days playing and snuggling. Alvin was the first one to be taken home by the lovely Richardson family, and Baron came 2 years later.

Which photo and story touched you the most? Do you have your own examples of animal friendship? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions, impressions, stories, and photos in the comments!

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