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20+ Animals That Proved Nature’s Creativity Knows No Limits

Mother Nature can for sure create unique things. It costs nothing to give an ordinary cat eyes that are different colors or an unforgettable fur pattern. Or present an ordinary butterfly with paintings on its wings that might shock especially impressionable people for a long time.

We at Bright Side love everything unusual and are happy to introduce you to our animal friends, whose unique features are impossible to not notice. And the bonus will probably make you smile.

A black squirrel with a blonde tail

And this is probably its friend.

And lizards can also have unique tails.

“The strange shape of my puppy’s teeth”

The shell of this turtle has a bow tie

“My cat has a very straight tail.”

Unbelievably beautiful eyes

We could look into these eyes forever.

The character from the Scream movie is on the wings of this Indian butterfly.

The cutest vampire in the world

Heterochromia, we can’t take our eyes off of this guy

A smiling turtle with blue eyes

This bobtail won the hearts of its fans with its unusual coloring.

“My cat has a perfect letter R on her paw.”

“My black kitten is slowly turning white/gray.”

“For some reason, my gecko shed everything but his eyebrows.”

This is another incredibly small frog

“All 4 of my cat’s paws have unique black and pink combinations.”

This horse has an arrow on its nose.

This kitten was made for love.

The cat has a drawing of an inverted heart under its chin.

Meet Blaze, a Labrador with vitiligo

Bonus: Sometimes, it’s impossible to tell the difference between the dog and the zucchini. Well, almost.

Do your pets have any unique features?

Preview photo credit MissVantaWhite / reddit
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