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20 Times Animals Showed That They Could Be Humans If They Spoke

Our pets are becoming more and more like our children. Many people think we’re humanizing them, but it’s difficult to deny that — in reality, some of their reactions seem just as human as ours. So this very serious question arises: are we actually humanizing them or do they simply act like us? This is a real mystery to be solved, folks.

Bright Side put together a series of images that reveal how pets have incredibly human reactions and how we make them part of our family. So join us and help solve this ageless question.

1. “They’ve learned rather quickly that I provide breakfast on a regular schedule. Was 5 minutes late and got told off for it.”

2. “Stop treating your pets as if they were humans! My cat only drinks water if it’s served in a glass.”

3. “One man’s trash is another cat’s treasure.”

4. “We missed you!”

5. “Someone was screaming outside our apartment. Ben was very concerned.”

6. “My brother’s dog when I was going home”

7. “Pleased to meet you!”

8. “They gave me this small pool, super nice! But when I had the chance, I jumped into the one that suits me best.”

9. “Some might say I spoil him too much...”

10. “No Mommy, I can’t get them up there!”

11. “Bonnie put her favorite toy in my packed suitcase. Oh man, the feels!”

12. “One of our kittens only sleeps in my daughter’s doll bathtub...”

13. “Pardon me, but could I trouble you for a few pets?”

14. “Clara’s first trip into the backyard — I think she liked it!”

15. “Rufus lying on his cat bed that he allows his human to borrow on a nightly basis”

16. “I meowed at our neighbor’s cat once and now it regularly comes up to our door and just watches us live our lives.”

17. “Want to go for...a walk?”

18. “I really wanted some of Mommy’s food today but I was so tired that I passed out on the table.”

19. “This is how my cat asks for love each morning.”

20. “This was the first topless Jeep ride of the year for our dog. She was in heaven.”

How does your pet usually react and behave when you’re around? What’s the funniest story involving your pet where it seemed that if it could talk, it would sound just like any other human?

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