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21 Times Animals Got Unusual Colors From Nature, and the Results Seem Too Stunning to Be Real


Nature probably tends to have mood swings because some animals were created with a special kind of inspiration. Unusual looking animals like a peacock that seems unfinished, a metal python, and a cat that is only 95% loaded are all incredibly rare and deserve for us to take a second look at them.

Bright Side has collected animals that were made by nature when it had to have been in a great mood.


Okapi, the giraffe's cousin

A hooded seal - it looks like a leopard!

A peacock that is only partially colored

How do you like their smoky eye makeup?

When a girl looks offended:

Cow № 7

"This is my natural color!"

When you overslept and forgot to do your makeup:

The silver surfer of the reptile kingdom

When nature ran out of paint:

This guy is only 5% poodle.

When you're full of love:

Scrappy, the cat of an unusual color

When you listened to your mother and put your hat on:

A rare albino turtle

Who watches the watchdog?

A rare blue lobster

"My cat has a white arrow on his belly."

"Sam can look very dramatic."

"Unique looking Akita"

Bonus: Venus the 2-faced cat has an unusual friend: Roo, the kangaroo cat.

Maybe you also have an unusual looking pet? Share the pictures with us and perhaps we'll feature it in a new article!