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A Huge Dog Gets a New Hairstyle Every Day While His Owners Are Working From Home

A 3.5-year-old Newfoundland dog named Hank was born with a great abundance of fluff and a fabulous fringe, so his owners decided to take advantage of his amazing hair and improvise with it. Every single day, they create new styles for Hank and amaze us with their dog’s incredible transformations.

We at Bright Side put together 21 of Hank’s best hairstyles that totally rock.

Day 1: punk rock star

Day 2: toilet paper-saver

Day 3: emo style

Day 4: Sunday brunch

Day 5: Hank, the manager of home office relations

Day 6: back to the Stone Age

Day 8: Kiss the cook!

Day 10: the black pearl

Day 11: self-care Sunday

Day 12: wolverine

Day 13: “Call me now for your free tarot card reading!”

Day 17: Mr. Robot

Day 20: You never know what you’re going to get.

Day 24: dog with an earring

Day 27: Going back to the future!

Day 30: Hank joins the space race.

Day 31: The king has arrived.

Day 32: Accio pancakes!

Day 34: Hank Scissorpaws

Day 35: flower power!

Day 39: Hank boldly goes absolutely nowhere!

Day 49: Studying paw law

Do you like to play with your pet's hair? We'd like to see their hilarious hairstyles in the comments!