This Cat Learned to Beg in a Way That Melts People’s Hearts, and It’s Impawsible to Say “No”

Wadsworth, or simply Waddy, is a charming black cat who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio, together with his humans Natasha and Andrew Klosterman and 5 other cats. He would probably have remained unknown to a wide audience, like many other cats, if he didn’t have a superpower — Waddy begs like it’s his profession. He presses his paws together and waves them until he gets what he wants — and it’s adorable.

When we at Bright Side saw Waddy’s videos on Instagram, we asked his human parents to tell us more about Waddy and his extraordinary skills, and here’s what we learned.

Natasha and Andrew have 6 cats: Waddy and his sister Cutler and 4 more cats, Jax, Mystery, Pepper, and Spooky. Waddy is now 3 years old and he surely stands out from this cute crowd of felines thanks to his unique talent: he is a guru of begging. Whenever Waddy needs something from his humans or his feline buddies, he presses his paws together and starts waving them. Natasha says that Waddy is a very demanding cat and that you don’t have to wait long to see these little performances.

Waddy started waving his paws when he was just a few months old. At first, he was waving to nothing, but with time his unusual talent developed into what it is now. No one trained Waddy to do that, but sometimes his humans encouraged him by petting him afterward.

Waddy’s personality is quite interesting. Sometimes he gets fixated on something and it becomes his obsession for a few months. “His current obsession is with the bathroom. He begs at the bathroom door all the time for us to open it so he can sit in the sink and get brushed,” Natasha told us. Waddy also loves playing fetch, and he wasn’t taught how to do it either.

Here are some cute videos from Waddy’s Instagram account that show his incredible begging talent!

First attempts at begging when Waddy was still a little kitten

I want that pizza. Badly!

Can I have another treat, Mommy?

Please, please, please!

It’s unbelievable that he was not taught to do that!

Mastering his skills

Could you say “No” to this pretty face?

Sometimes Waddy uses his voice too.

And here’s Waddy doing something different: playing fetch

Do you have pets? What is the most extraordinary thing they can do?

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Preview photo credit waddywaves/Instagram
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