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10 Examples of How Our Age Changes the Way We Feel About Autumn

Autumn is an amazing time. It’s not too hot or too cold but it’s very colorful, cozy, and a great time to think about important things.

We at Bright Side notice that with age, we start to feel different about autumn and we want to show the differences in these illustrations. You’ll definitely recognize yourself in these stories.

It takes more and more effort to get up in the morning.

You choose shoes differently than you used to.

And darkness is a whole new world now...

You’re sure that going out while wearing a hat shows that you’re a mature person.

And you don’t need weather forecasts anymore.

You can’t just ask your parents for something.

But sometimes you still solve your problems the way you used to!

Holiday anticipation is very different these days.

But there are still some things that never change, no matter how old you become.

But the best thing about autumn is when your children are with your parents and you and your partner finally get some time for yourselves.

What do you like most about autumn? Do you recognize yourself in these illustrations?

Illustrated by Alice Perkmini for Bright Side
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