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15 People Who Got a Special Set of Skills to Take Humor to the Next Level

Finding humor in everyday things is a special skill. Luckily, these people have this strength and managed to capture a funny moment. They shared the pictures they took online so we could have a laugh too, allowing us to embrace the funny side of life.

1. “I guess that I should pay attention in class today.”

2. “I think my barista is trolling me.”

3. “My friend works as security at a club in NYC and received this as an ID check.”

4. “I saw this today at my daughters’ elementary school. Maybe someone from the 1rd grade made the sign...”

5. “I think my wife forgot she was 7 and a half months pregnant when she tried to hide so she could jump out and scare me.”

6. “How a mommy toilet plunger carries her young”

7. “Someone is going to have a bad day.”

8. “Day 2 of my wife not noticing the tomato in our Christmas tree”

9. “Well played, Target.”

10. “A tree blew over on our house a few weeks ago. Before it gets fixed, we incorporated it into our Christmas decorations.”

11. “Went to the tree farm yesterday and found great customer service.”

12. “Best sale ever!”

13. “The laundering instructions on my blanket”

14. “This sign I saw outside of a fire station”

15. “Can’t believe this Black Friday deal was still on the shelf!”

Which ones made you laugh? Do you have any funny pictures to share? We’d love to see them.

Preview photo credit thepakman47 / Reddit
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