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15 Photos That Prove Time Is Round and It Rolls Quickly

About 300 million cells die in our body to make space for new ones in just one minute alone, that’s how effectively time works. A lot can happen in a year’s worth of time. Your puppy can grow twice its size, or probably more, you can learn a new skill, find love, and change your life for the better.

Bright Side has found 15 photos that perfectly depict the power time has on all of us.

1. The amount of growing up this good boy did in a year is praiseworthy.

2. “Me and my son, 24 years apart”

3. What 12 years of dedication and learning can do.

4. “How much my greyhound’s face has changed over the last 8 years.”

5. “Finally started brushing my teeth after years of neglect due to depression.”

6. Same shoes. Only one pair was used regularly.

7. “My great, great grandmother’s cooking spoon, worn down from years of stirring.”

8. “After 12 years of struggling with my weight and mental illness, I am so proud of myself today. 80 pounds down.”

9. Before and after kitty received proper care

10. “My 14-year-old well-worn toy compared to a new one found at a second-hand shop”

11. For my sister’s wedding, we surprised everyone by wearing heirloom dresses. Maid of Honor (1982) and my sister (1949).

12. “The way centuries of sun changed the surface of this pillar.”

13. “My great-great maternal grandmother vs Me. Amazing what genes get passed down!”

14. With time, a watermelon grew into my tiny fence.

15. From 10 weeks to 9 months.

Do you have any interesting before and after shots of yourself, your family, or an object you love? Post them below in the comments for us to see!

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