20 Pics Reveal What Everyday Things Look Like Under a Microscope

You don’t need to travel far to see something unusual. Things that surround us every day can surprise us and show their unexpected side if we put them under a microscope. And you probably never could’ve guessed that there was a whole new world hiding inside.

We at Bright Side were curious to find out what ordinary things look like if you see them through a microscopic lens.

1. Strawberry

2. Spider web

3. Belgian chocolate

4. Honey

5. Boiled egg shell

6. Chewing gum

7. A drop of pond water

8. Sunflower

9. Fruit jelly

10. House dust

11. Tea leaves

12. Penguin feathers

13. Broccoli

14. Tears

15. Facial scrub

16. Red bell pepper

17. Sugar

18. Shark skin

19. Chocolate

20. Used dental floss

What picture looks the most surprising? What would you like to look at through a microscope?

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