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15 Pics That Scream How Much We Need to Change the Way We Treat Our Planet

The number of forests in Indonesia has decreased by almost half over the past century, with around 80% being cleared illegally. 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped into the ocean every year. We cannot resolve all these problems at once, but each of us can take actions that will help improve the situation.

Bright Side hopes these photos will convince you to start using your own shoppers instead of plastic bags or stop leaving trash on a beach.

1. Smog over Almaty, Kazakhstan

2. The Aral Sea turned into a desert over 20 years.

3. A boy walks out of the sea while removing oil spilled in Brazil in October, 2019.

4. Toxic blue-green algae caused by sugar plant waste in Florida, USA

5. The Margala Hills in Islamabad, Pakistan, are barely visible.

6. This place used to have clear water with fish and turtles in it.

7. Deforestation in Bolivia. Woods are cleared for sugarcane fields.

8. Smog in Beijing, China

9. The world’s largest wetlands at Pantanal, Brazil are burning. This is threatening wildlife and producing harsh smoke.

10. A leafless forest caused by acid rains near Norilsk, Russia

11. This river turned bright red due to pollution.

12. The Salton Sea in California, USA, killed 97% of the fish living in it over the course of 10 years.

13. A sculpture made of trash

14. Major coral bleaching at the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, due to climate change

15. Every year small farmers in Brazil burn about 500,000 hectares of rainforest.

What actions do you take to preserve our home planet?