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15 Pics That Will Switch You Into “Oh, My Heart!” Mode at Once

We’re so lucky to live in a time where photography exists. Sometimes, the power of some photos is so strong that even the greatest storyteller alive couldn’t quite depict just how remarkable they are. An infant going into a fetal pose while napping, a 15-minute-old lamb taking its first steps with a smile on its face. Yep, we’re indeed privileged to enjoy the perks of photos.

We at Bright Side are great admirers of majestic photography, and here we collected 15 pics that can turn even the beast from Beauty and the Beast into a mushy mess.

1. “My boyfriend was supposed to be watching the foster kittens. I walked into the living room and found everyone like this.”

2. “My week-old son went into a fetal position while lying on me.”

3. “Found this little guy alone under a bridge ❤️”

4. “This dog on my flight.”

5. “This is Midas, the 4-eared mythical creature.”

6. “Uh oh, we don’t have a dog, and I think my daughter is trying to tell me something.”

7. “The exact moment I decided they need to stay together and failed at fostering.”

8. “Home Depot can be scary when you’re a little nugget.”

9. “Brother what have they done to you?”

10. “This is not amusing Karen.”

11. “He loves his hoodie when it starts to get chilly.”

12. “For anyone who’s wondering, I actually ended up finding 5 puppies in my basement.”

13. “2 months in and kitten has decided that big dog’s not so bad.”

14. “A pregnant stray jumped up in my lap this morning and fell asleep while I rubbed her belly.”

15. “My cats like to stick together when it gets cold, it’s too cute.”

Which of these images managed to really turn your emotional switch on? Share your own pics that have the same “aww” potential in the comments.

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