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20+ Misleading Photos That Can Make You Question Reality

Psychologists believe that each person sees the world in their own way. In fact, our brain usually creates its own subjective reality and interprets it using our thoughts, ideas, and physical perceptions. But sometimes we encounter such inexplicable glitches in the Matrix that we need to take a closer look at them in order to understand what’s really going on.

Bright Side gathered 23 tricky photos that will definitely make you look twice.

23. This cat is enormous.

22. This smoked cauliflower looks like an explosion.

21. The son of a dog and a penguin

20. Chair.exe has stopped working.

19. “I took a photo of my footprints in the sand.”

18. “That woman won’t stop looking at me...”

17. These are not flip-flops.

16. “I thought the chair was broken.”

15. Is this man wearing women’s clothing?

14. This is just a cotton picker in a field, not a rock concert.

13. A floating cat

12. “My actual body proportions”

11. They grow up so fast, don’t they?

10. The man in the back has extremely long arms.

9. A dog or a hedgehog?

8. Thousands of starlings turned the sky into the densest TV static.

7. “I walked into the kitchen to find my cousin in her true form.”

6. This building looks 2-dimensional from this angle.

5. A hitchhiking gull

4. The corrosion on this water tap looks like a map.

3. It’s not a plate cut in a Pacman shape.

2. “My dogs appear to have merged this morning.”

1. Is it a crow or a cat?

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