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20 Photos That Make Us Believe in Fate Whether We Like It or Not

Everyone has faced such coincidences that left them with no other option but to admit, “This is fate.” This sentiment was felt when 4 neighbors got pregnant at the same time with one baby due each month and gave birth to 4 boys, for example. Or when a guy decided to clean a local beach and found money in the garbage, getting an immediate reward for his job. And someone was lucky enough to win a cool motorbike in the lottery.

The people on our Bright Side list started to doubt if the world was really a logical place since things that happened to them seemed to be controlled more by fate than anything else.

“The night before my wife’s ultrasound to find out the gender of our baby we got Chinese food and these were our fortunes.”

“My sister met the guy who got this tattoo before they met. Coincidence or true love?”

“Inspired by all the trash hashtags, I went out with my girlfriend to clean our local beach and found $50. Instant karma.”

“We got married 11 days after we met. We don’t even have wedding photos. 33 years later, we’re still in love.”

“Yesterday I got to the bus station and I don’t know why I put my wallet between the handle. I traveled with 2 cars, walked half of the city but still didn’t lose it. Lucky me.”

“My dad drove a couple of miles to a job with me. When we got out of the car, we saw this on the bumper. Gotta say, he’s pretty lucky!”

“I found this little guy in an abandoned building while biking. I was thinking about getting a new puppy anyway. Must be fate.”

This scratch card is an instant lottery ticket: you need to scratch the card to get the result. All the lines were winning ones.

When you’re a tired parent and fate protects you from accidentally broken windows.

A guy won this bike with a $50 lottery ticket.

“Managed to score $15 bucks from a new pair of shorts I bought yesterday.”

“We were all pregnant at the same time with one baby due each month from September to December. We took a picture each month. 4 baby boys were born!”

When you’re not only an amazing player but also a really lucky person:

“I crashed my drone into a lake. A random stranger recovered it 18 months later, pulled an image taken at home off the SD card, looked up the address, found my phone number, called me, and shipped it to my house!”

“Me and my best friend Stevie in 1984. We were born on the same day and our moms became best friends in the delivery room in 1980.”

“My Honda Accord died on me. Then I came across this ad: ’Honda Accord for free’ posted 10 minutes later. I thought there was no way it was real but called anyway. Her owner told me that he was moving to another state that week and couldn’t take the car with him. I got a car in perfect condition on the same day!”

“I bought a microwave and a shop assistant recommended to take the one with the discount. When I was paying, he offered me to roll the wheel and try my luck. I got a 100% discount! They gave me my money back and I paid only $1.”

“I’m a Domino’s driver in Washington and I bought a Chevy 2 months ago. Cleaned it today to find a wad of delivery tags from Georgia. The last driver was also a Domino’s driver!”

“When I was 12 years old, I accidentally caught a huge halibut while visiting my Grandpa. Several months later, my Grandma sent me a newspaper with the big news: it turned out that I broke a record when I caught this fish!”

“I lost a ring that my husband had bought me for our anniversary in the ocean. I posted a simple description but didn’t think something would come out of it. Then I got a message from a man with a metal detector. And he found it!”

Bonus: when you get really lucky

What fateful meetings have happened in your life? Share your stories with us in the comments!

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