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20 Times Life Confounded People When They Least Expected It

The best part of being alive is that the strangest things can happen when you least expect them. But even when things get bad, you can always take comfort in knowing you can look back and laugh at yourself.

Bright Side remembered the times when people were glad to make a surprise last forever with a photo.

1. He can always pretend he’s listening to the radio.

2. Let’s hope the school didn’t hire their own students to make this sign.

3. Everything has its limits.

4. You shouldn’t give away your bakery’s secrets so easily...

5. It’s like an endless cycle.

6. To be fair, what better material is there to keep the scissors inside?

7. “This is why you should always hide a spare key...”

8. Headphones break off all the time...but so perfectly?

9. At this point, you’re just throwing money at it.

10. “I almost had a heart attack this morning...”

11. The job is well done, indeed.

12. The common doorbell...the mechanic’s one weakness!

13. If we can put a man on the moon, we can teach snowmen how to drive.

14. This puppy is leaving its schooling days behind.

15. You always hear about people eating wax fruit by accident but never think it could be you.

16. Take it out of the packaging before you use it as a gift.

17. In all fairness, he has only himself to blame.

18. Is it funny because the Mr. Bump cup broke or because Mr. Bump survived unscratched?

19. The dogs have won another battle.

20. She ordered a balut egg while out to eat...and then it hatched into her new best friend.

Bonus: Being a storybook princess is best left to the professionals.

Do you have any photos of times you or someone you knew was less than lucky? Let us know!

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