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25 Intriguing Things That Very Few People Have Actually Seen

The world around us is so diverse that it’s unlikely it will ever stop surprising us. And many photos that people post on the internet prove it. One person, for example, managed to capture a photo of a 600+ lb pumpkin, the other one — a pink pineapple, and the third one found a crystal as big as a fist.

Here are 25 things that, according to Bright Side, can impress even those who consider themselves well-versed in all the things.

A giant chocolate bar that weighs 16 oz

Wrenches for a hydroelectric dam

“I found a blue mud wasp in my backyard.”

“This stone was in my kidneys.”

Genetically modified pink pineapple that scientists created several years ago.

According to the author of the photo, it just tastes like a pineapple.

“This is a tiny fully ripe cantaloupe from our garden.”

The shadow of one of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia

“In case you were wondering what the backlighting looks like for a Samsung TV display”

This granite is 2.7 billion years old

A huge sugar crystal

Have you ever seen such a long battery?

An average potato warehouse

These are cookie presses.

Dinosaur skin imprint

A giant pear that weighs 2.2 lbs

  • I expected it to taste pretty bad but, surprisingly, it’s the best pear I had this year! © vancoura / reddit

A gigantic pumpkin that weighs 600+ lbs.

This type of huge lemon is called a “Ponderosa lemon” (a hybrid of a pomelo and a citron).

This is a fingered citron, a type of citron also known as Buddha’s hand.

Finnish ejection seat survival kit from the 1940s

This is one big old cactus.

The sky separated into the clear part and the cloudy part.

We have never seen so many cobwebs. How about you?

Wasp wings under a microscope

One of the oldest trees in Buenos Aires that was planted in approximately 1791

“My friend and I saw a pigeon with a mohawk.”

Have you ever seen something rare and intriguing?

Preview photo credit The-T-Word / reddit
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