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26 Hotel Stays That Turned Into Epic Fails

Today’s life is all about travel and being mobile —whether we’re talking about business trips, honeymoons by the ocean, or student internships. Most “frequent flyers” have their own hotel preferences and secret “booking tips,” though nobody’s insured against mistakes and sudden surprises.

Bright Side has noticed that many people have encountered some really awkward hotel situations — and have been able to treat them with a sense of humor.

26. “I’ll take the stairs.”

25. “Tall people problems”

24. The moment you realize that you’re staying in room 209:

23. “Privacy? Never heard of it!”

22. “So this ironing situation just got tricky.”

21. When there are no “DO NOT DISTURB” signs at your hotel, but resourceful is your middle name:

20. When you don’t want to pay more for a water view:

19. The dust on this phone seems like it’s been there for years.

18. TV-angle fail

17. “I’ll let you guess which one of these was working...”

16. “Staying in the Nightmare On Elm St. suite”

15. “I assume THIS is why it took 3 hours to clean the room before I could check in?!”

14. No one promised that the shower head would be attached to the shower.

13. Very convenient, thank you.

12. They were THAT close to making up the room properly.

11. Here’s a creative approach to solving an AC problem.

10. “For when you hate your guests at the hotel...”

9. “When I checked the ‘Return on hanger’ box for my laundry, this wasn’t quite what I had in mind.”

8. Another marvelous scene from the window:

7. “Here’s the door of my next door neighbors — 3 nights of a crazy sorority party!”

6. Not exactly what you think of when booking a “charming antique hotel.”

5. OK, thank you then for this small plate that surprisingly resembles an ashtray.

4. “The staff from our new hotel calls this a kitchenette...”

3. Seems like the safest way to keep something in this safe is to carry it with you everywhere you go...

2. Just a little cozy catastrophe for perfectionists...

1. When you occasionally find out why there are so many tea and coffee sachets in the room:

We bet that many of you have remembered some tricky hotel situations while reading this. Feel free to share this article with a friend who stayed in the same room — or surprise us with some of your photo memories!

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