The Way You Sit at Someone’s Place Can Tell a Lot About Your Personality

Everyone is different. And psychologists continue reminding us about this fact. Today’s test will show you a lot about yourself based on how you sit when you are a guest in someone’s home. Don’t take this test too seriously because it should be just for fun.

Bright Side offers you a chance to learn something new about yourself — just choose the position you usually take when you sit down.

1. A dormant adventurer

You are an elegant, yet very open person. But you shouldn’t drink anything other than tea or coffee, or you might end up in the same position, but on the chandelier.

2. A verbal maniac

You’re an emotional person. You love life, which is why others love to be around you. It may be hard for you to stop talking. Because of this, they always serve you more food so that they can enjoy the silence, even for just a little while.

3. A Zen person

You only eat very healthy food, and you’re almost a yogi. Even if you are not one now, you will be one soon.

4. The owner of a stuffed toy land

You dominate and you have power. Mostly, over stuffed toys.

5. The original perpetual motion machine

You’re an unusual person. So unusual that many people are shocked by your behavior. You’re always slim, because it’s hard to eat in this position.

6. The life of the party

You’re a very sociable person. You love long conversations. This is why you love visiting other people and staying at their places... For a month or 2.

7. A comfort zone person

You’re an introvert that feels a bit awkward in a big group of people. Your head stops working when you are under this kind of stress. But you can still eat.

8. A virtual deceiver

You love intrigue, backstabbing, and power. You’re finally visiting someone because your favorite series is over and you’re back to real life.

9. A fountain person

You’re very communicative and you love visiting other people because you absolutely have to tell people about how you feel. But because it’s hard to stop you when you start talking, your hosts might have to resort to extreme measures.

10. A hopeless truth-teller

You don’t visit people. You’re a self-sufficient, independent person that is used to telling people the truth, with a lot of sarcasm on top.

What do you think about this test? Did you recognize yourself in any of these descriptions?

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